Personal Shopping


Do you have a big event coming up, but no time to shop?

Do you need a new wardrobe, but hate slogging through sale racks?

Do you need assessing your current wardrobe and cleaning out your closet?

I can help! 


Online Shopping Assistant – $10/hour

• Establish parameters and timeframe

• Will send you curated items at varying price points


Closet Cleanup – $20/hour

• Go through your closet and determine what to give away and what you need

• Help client put together new and creative outfits from existing wardrobe


In Person Shopping Assistant – $25/hour

• Jointly plan shopping excursion within your time frame and parameters

• Accompany you to stores and help you choose items


Concierge Shopping Experience – $30/hour

• Work together to establish parameters, pricing, and guidelines

• I will shop for you and bring you 100% returnable items to try on in the comfort of your own home


Contact me with questions or to schedule a consultation: