Met Gala 2019: Moschino and Gucci Rule the Red Carpet

Moschino and Gucci dominated on the Met Gala red carpet, with varying degrees of success. Alessandro Michele, the Creative Director of Gucci, was one of this years gala co-chairs, so it wasn’t a surprise to see his devotees out in force. And there are few designers out there who do camp better or more exuberantly than Jeremy Scott of Moschino, so I was thrilled so many celebrities opt for his custom looks.

Mindy Kaling in Moschino

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Always one of my faves, my girl Mindy went with one of my fantasy stylist picks! I’m delighted and she looks fabulous – even if the blond wig is freaking me out a little. In the grand scheme of camp, this is the safe, but fabulous, way to go.

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Fantasy Stylist: “Notes on Camp” and the Met Gala

One could argue that The Met Gala, this year celebrating all things camp, is indeed itself a giant annual display of camp. The 2019 Costume Institute’s exhibit, “Camp: Notes on Fashion”, is inspired by Susan Sontag’s famous 1964 essay that attempts to define the camp aesthetic across 58 bullet points.

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Oscars 2019: The Worst of the After Parties

Some of these are bad, some redundant and uninspired, and some are…heinously bad.

Kendall Jenner in Rami Kadi

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Speaking of heinously bad: It isn’t often that a look leaves me completely speechless, but well done Kendell, you’ve shocked me into silence. This is an abomination. It can barely be called a dress. It’s a glorified loincloth, purposefully constructed for shock value over quality. I think in general, if I can see your hip bone and am actively confused about how you aren’t flashing everyone your lady bits, its a look that should never have seen the light of day. When it comes to the Kardashian/Jenners, their constant, cloying need for attention and dependence on “shock value” have made us so numb to them, that I truly think one of them will just show up to the red carpet fully naked one day.

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Oscars 2019: The Best of the After Parties

As always, many folks changed for the after parties and there was the requisite number of models and TV stars who didn’t get the official red carpet invite. Let’s take a look at some of the best post-Oscars looks!

Jennifer Lopez in Zuhair Murad

Embed from Getty Images

J. Lo rarely wows me, and I thought she looked like a broken disco ball at the ceremony, but the colors and construction of this Zuhair Murad are completely gorgeous and eye-catching, without veering into her usual sheer/naked/over-the-top territory.

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Oscars 2019: Red Carpet Roundup

Time to close the books on the 2019 Oscars red carpet!

Lady Gaga in Brandon Maxwell

Embed from Getty Images

I like this more than her first gown. Fun fact: before starting his eponymous label, Brandon Maxwell was Lady Gaga’s fashion director. What a lovely way for him to come full circle, dressing the woman who gave him his start on arguably the biggest night of her career!

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Oscars 2019: On Sundays, We Wear Pink

Pink was all over the red carpet at the Oscars, and I am not complaining. Well…maybe a little bit.

Helen Mirren in Schiaparelli

Embed from Getty Images

The inimitable Dame Helen Mirren almost always looks good, but she honestly might be my best dressed from Sunday! This sherbert colored confection from Schiaparelli is stunning and the jewels from Harry Winston complete the look perfectly.

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Oscars 2019: In Which Emma Stone Channels a Stroopwafel

Some of our “Best Supporting Actress” nominees looked like food. Others fared slightly better.

Emma Stone in custom Louis Vuitton

Embed from Getty Images

I am rather pleasantly surprised by this glittery, chocolate brown, stroopwafel of a dress! Louis Vuitton has done so much worse by her, that this is frankly refreshing. Do I love it? No. But it’s completely serviceable, an interesting color and shape, and doesn’t look like it was made in the dark. Although now I am fully craving a stroopwaffle.

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Oscars 2019: Olivia Colman leads the “Best Actresses”

I was very pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this years “host-less” Oscars! Opening with a performance by Queen was a brilliant move, and following it up with Amy Poehler, Tina Fey, and Maya Rudolph kept the energy going. Without a host, the ceremony felt brisk and even clocked in at under 3.5 hours.

And best of all, most of the wins demonstrated that the Academy is looking forward, diversifying, and finally embracing women and people of color. Spike Lee FINALLY took home an Oscar for Adapted Screenplay; Hannah Beachler and Ruth Carter became the first women of color to take home the prizes for Set and Costume design respectively; and three of the four Best Actor/Actress winners were people of color! Progress!

Also…there was this:

Moral of the story: no host, no problem! And now, some gowns!

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