Royals: Meghan Finally Nails It and Kate Wears an Old Favorite

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To be honest, I have been completely uninspired to post about the Duchess of Sussex the last few months. Her wardrobe choices have rarely deviated from a lackluster rotation of forgettable black, navy, and beige.

But last week on a visit to Bristol she finally branched out of her comfort zone and knocked it out of the ballpark.

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Royal Wedding: Arrivals, Part 2

Well, it’s only a month late, but let’s finish up the royal wedding! I cannot believe this has taken me so long – one of the perils of having three jobs…Hoping to move on to some other stuff I missed during a busy May this week – check back for a Cannes recap, the Tony Awards, and various other premieres/royals outings from the last month!

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge in Alexander McQueen

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Thank heavens for the good people over at What Kate Wore for sorting out the mystery of Kate’s Alexander McQueen. As most people who follow HRH will have noted, this coat is VERY familiar. At first blush it appeared to be the same cream colored McQueen she first wore to Princess Charlotte’s christening back in 2015. However, it seems that this is a wholly new McQueen creation in a tricky to pinpoint light yellow. The matching hat with the pale gold flowers underneath is truly lovely.

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Royal Wedding: The Duke and Duchess of Sussex

Meghan and Harry
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I am glad that I wasn’t able to sit down and write this post until now. Saturday morning was such a whirlwind and something I had been looking forward to for so long, that having time to process it has been valuable. Let’s dive in…

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Royals: A Birthday, A Baby, and Shaggy

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What a week it’s been! Meghan made FOUR appearances, Queen Elizabeth celebrated her 92nd birthday with Shaggy, and Kate gave birth to a surprisingly still unnamed baby boy!

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Royals: Meghan Attends the Commonwealth Youth Forum Reception

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Meghan and Harry attended the Comonwealth Youth Forum reception together – a big vote of confidence for the almost royal. Part of the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting, the reception was an opportunity for Meghan and Harry to meet exceptional youth from across the Commonwealth.

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Royals: Meghan Gets Sporty at the Invictus Trials

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Meghan joined Harry in Bath, England today for the 2018 Invictus Games trials. Frequent Royals watchers will remember that Harry and Meghan’s first public appearance as a couple was at the 2017 Invictus Games in Toronto. The games are also Harry’s personal cause célèbre – one inspired by his experiences as a soldier in Afghanistan. So, obviously these two were going to show up today!

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Royals: Catching up with the Fab Four

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It’s been way too long since we checked in on Kate, Meghan, and their respective Princes.

When we last saw Kate, she was attending the BAFTA’s in a dress that attempted to be respectful of #MeToo, while not actively participating. She was out and about a ton the last month and a half, which makes sense since she’ll likely be out of commission for a while after Baby Cambridge #3 comes this month.

We last saw Meghan on her visit to Edinburgh. Since then, she and Harry have made a few more appearances. They joined Kate and Will at the Royal Foundation Forum and visited Birmingham while wearing great coats. Meghan also made her first official appearance alongside the Queen for Commonwealth Day as well as her first visit to Northern Ireland.

There’s a lot after the jump, but stick with me! Make sure to read to the end for some bits and bobs of other Royals news. Let’s dive in!

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Royals: Kate Disappoints at the BAFTA’s

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Listen. This dress is lovely and the jewels are truly stellar. It’s a dark green Jenny Packham and very similar to another Packham dress she wore to a St. Andrews fundraiser in 2014, also while pregnant:

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However, the BAFTA’s decided to pick up the mantle from the Golden Globes and encouraged all attendees to wear black to bring awareness to sexual harassment in the entertainment industry and the #TimesUp movement. As you will see, almost everyone adhered to the suggested dress code. Kate got close – the dark green looks almost black in certain light, but she decidedly did not opt in to the protest.

I completely understand the Royal Family’s aversion to anything verging on the political, however, wearing black for Kate would have been such an easy and uncontroversial thing to do that it’s disappointing she chose not to. The #TimesUp movement toes the line between the overtly political, which Kate would naturally and understandably avoid, and the progressive social movements that the younger generation of Royal Family members have increasingly spoken out about. I knew it would be a toss up whether she chose to wear black or not, and I understand why she didn’t. But I think it would have been a good moment to garner some positive publicity for The Firm among younger Britons, while also being on the right side of history.

I have no doubt that Kate, Will and the rest of the new generation are privately supportive of women’s rights, #TimesUp, and thoroughly against sexual harassment. But speaking up is important. Will posed for the cover of an LGBT magazine; Harry has openly talked about his experiences with psychology; and they’re about to welcome a divorced, bi-racial American into the family. They’re modernizing quickly, and this would have been a simple but meaningful moment for them to support an important and long overdue cause. But they chose not to, and that makes me sad.

Plus, I can think of at least 5 black gowns that Kate already owns and could have dug out the back of some closet in Kensington Palace for the occasion…