SAG Awards: And SO Much Color!

After everyone going all in on black for the Globes, I can’t blame them for injecting some color into the always colorfully ridiculous SAG’s.

Alison Brie in Dundas

Embed from Getty Images

I was at a party over the weekend and we were talking about our celebrity “freebies”, ie: the famous folks those of us in a relationship get a free pass to sleep with should you run into them at a bar. All the men in the room mentioned Alison Brie, which I was honestly surprised by! I wouldn’t have pegged her a “sex symbol”, but maybe that’s just in “nerdy bro” circles. Either way, she’s not on MY list, and neither is this dress. I appreciate the lighting bolt nod to her OTT costumes on “Glow”, but this feels a little too tacky.

Kristen Bell in J. Mendel

Embed from Getty Images

Kristen Bell was the first ever host for the SAG’s, which usually just relies on a series of presenters. I didn’t get to watch the ceremony, so I don’t know how all that shook out. Did it work? Did people still too-sincerely intone “I AM AN ACTOR” every time they took the stage? For her big night, Kristen wore four gowns, including three black numbers while onstage. This isn’t my favorite thing she’s ever worn – the dropped waist kills it for me. Seems like she wasn’t crazy about it either, since every picture had her holding her clutch directly in front of her stomach.

Kate Hudson in Valentino

Embed from Getty Images

Oooh boy, this is A LOT. Like, a lot A LOT. I almost want to say I would have been a little on board without the “Victorian in mourning” neck patch, but even then the dots and ruffles and color are a little too Bo Peep.

Reese Witherspoon in Zac Posen

Embed from Getty Images

Reese in a color! I’m so pleasantly surprised! This is so close to being great – the color is fantastic on her, bit the bodice seems to purposefully make her look droopy.

Holly Hunter in Sophia Webster

Embed from Getty Images

WOW this is tremendous. Absolutely gorgeous, with pockets to boot!

Sally Hawkins in Christian Dior

Embed from Getty Images

Despite what it may look like, this is NOT a jumpsuit – THANK GOD! That being established, I love this pattern, no matter how much it may resemble a tea cozy.

Molly Sims in Greta Constantine

Embed from Getty Images

This needs approximately 17% fewer ruffles.

Zoe Kazan in Miu Miu

Embed from Getty Images

Very lovely and very in her typically girly wheelhouse.

Brie Larson in Gucci

Embed from Getty Images

I LOVE this. It’s absolutely super on her.

Vanessa Kirby in Valentino

Embed from Getty Images

This had potential, but enough with the greasy gym hair.

Diane Guerrero in Christian Siriano

Embed from Getty Images

Ouch, a rare miss from Christian Siriano. Like most things, this would be vastly improved by the elimination of the crop top.

Hong Chau in Rodarte  

And just when the Sisters Mulleavy had been growing on me! This is a drab mess.

Greta Gerwig in Bottega Veneta

Embed from Getty Images

Ooh I quite like this, and the earrings are so perfect with it. You don’t see a lot of grommets on the red carpet, but I’m into it.

Niecy Nash in Julea Domani

Embed from Getty Images

Hard to believe this isn’t custom – it fits her flawlessly.

Kelly Marie Tran in Mary Katranzou

Embed from Getty Images

Kelly is an utter delight, and I am thrilled to see something by Mary Katranzou on the runway, as she’s one of my favorites but strangely isn’t a red carpet staple. This isn’t quite the dress I would have chosen from all the wonderfully unique things she’s designed the last few years. Seriously, check out her work, it’s fantastically colorful and special. This dress is fine, but not as representative of her larger work.

Chrissy Metz in custom Kate Spade

Embed from Getty Images

She and her co-stars won big on Sunday night, and yet I still can’t quite generate up enough enthusiasm about “This is Us” to sit down and watch it. I don’t know if it was planned, but she and three of her costars all wore the exact same color blue! This is fine, although I certainly would not have pegged it as Kate Spade. I wish it focused more on the cascading flowers than the ruffles, both makes it feel a little sloppy.

Jackie Tohn in Sachin and Babi

Embed from Getty Images

Was she bombarded by an overly enthusiastic gift wrapper on the way to the show? It’s too bad, because the skirt is great!

Natalia Dyer in Christian Dior Couture

Embed from Getty Images

Oh my I love this. I love the fact that she added some tulle to make the skirt balloon out more from the runway version and I LOVE the whimsically strange figures on the skirt. She’s styled by Brad Goreski and he’s been killing it.

Gina Rodriguez in Rasario

Embed from Getty Images

So, they just forgot to finish the top, right?

Maya Rudolph in Zac Posen

Embed from Getty Images

I always forget that she’s married to Paul Thomas Anderson, which explains why she was there this year. I love this on her.

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