Red Carpet; Classic American Designers Take On The Met Gala

When I think of classic American designers, I think of Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger. But when I think of opulence and the Catholic church, I definitely DON’T think of either. Interestingly, a lot of celebrities went with these two designers, with varying results.

Priyanka Chopra in Ralph Lauren

Priyanka totally killed it at last years Met Gala in a Ralph Lauren trench coat gown. This year their partnership produced equally wonderful results – this maroon velvet gown looks spectacular on her and the intricately jeweled headdress is a real work of art.

Shailene Woodley in Ralph Lauren

The influence here was clearly Joan of Arc, but even if this hadn’t been bulky and costume-y, it still would have paled in comparison to Zendaya’s “Joan”. It’s a complete mess and she looks like she knows it.

Kerry Washington in Ralph Lauren

Embed from Getty Images

This is totally stunning, but other than the preponderance of gold, I’m not really seeing a connection to the theme. She could have and should have worn this on any other red carpet.

Lily Aldridge in Ralph Lauren

Embed from Getty Images

This feels like classic Ralph Lauren, which means it’s completely divorced from the theme. I love the yellow gown with the blue jewels, but this feels more nautical than Catholic. Also, is it supposed to be that wrinkled?

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in Ralph Lauren

This is completely stunning, clearly outside Ralph Lauren’s comfort zone, and totally on theme. I adore the halo – I’ve always had a bit of a crush on Rosie, I think she’s one of the most gorgeous women out there, and she look positively angelic here.

Ruby Rose in Tommy Hilfiger

Alright, now for the Tommy Hilfiger portion of the evening. He did pretty well, especially given just how far this is from his wheelhouse. This is rather on the nose, but she certainly gets points for not punting on theme.

Kris Jenner in Tommy Hilfiger

Embed from Getty Images

Alright, credit where credit is due: this isn’t terrible, and probably the best Mama K has looked in a while.

Joan Smalls in Tommy Hilfiger

Embed from Getty Images

This feels similar to Kerry’s – gorgeous, but could have been worn on any red carpet.

Hailey Baldwin in Tommy Hilfiger

Embed from Getty Images

Oh, Hailey. I tend to be pretty hard on her. She looks fine here and she’s all covered up, but this feels more “fancy Coachella” than “Heavenly Bodies”.

Winnie Harlow in Tommy Hilfiger

This dress is fine, but the cloud-like headdress is obviously the real statement piece here.

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