BAFTAs 2019: Froofy and Feminine Rules the Red Carpet

All things feminine, froofy, and ruffled dominated the red carpet at the BAFTA’s in London last night. Some to better effect than others.

Margot Robbie in Chanel

Embed from Getty Images

This is just a whole lot of look from Chanel. Surprisingly, for an OTT Chanel, there are quite a few elements I like here – the body of the dress is beautifully done, and I like the contrast with the royal blue tulle. I would have removed the armpit tulle to streamline this look.

Cynthia Erivo in Vera Wang Collection 

Embed from Getty Images

Remember when Vera Wang was the golden standard for classic and elegant wedding dresses? We’re a long way from home these days. I love that Cynthia has very distinctive style – which kind of sounds like the way Southerners say “Bless her heart!” when they really mean “OH HONEY, NO”, but I really mean it – I appreciate people who are willing to take risks on the red carpet. This one doesn’t pay off for me though. She’s pulling a Gaga with the matching hair, and while I love the lavender, the rest of this gown is as as off-colored as dirty dishwater.

Rachel Weisz in Gucci 

Embed from Getty Images

Nothing about this works for me. A lot of people will be glad she didn’t fall back on her usual black ensemble, but this non-color, like Cynthia’s look above, does even less for me. Maybe this could have popped more in a different color?

Linda Cardellini in Paolo Sebastian 

Embed from Getty Images

This is twee as anything, but she’s pulling it off. It’s simple but effective.

Lucy Boynton in Christian Dior 

Embed from Getty Images

Oof. I am surprised this isn’t Gucci to be honest. It’s a hot mess. The skirt is interesting and has real potential, but the top is completely overwrought.

Thandie Newton in Valentino 

Embed from Getty Images

That is a lot of skirt and she is totally owning it. Valentino is an expert at effective but extreme froof.

Rachel Brosnahan in Erdem

Embed from Getty Images

I need this bow to be 50% smaller. Strangely enough, this also reads a lot more Gucci than Erdem to me.

Zawe Ashton in Roksanda

Embed from Getty Images

This is less froof and more sack, but I don’t hate it. The flats give it a very “Alexa Chung”/cool girl vibe. The hot pink does a lot in carrying this over the finish line though.

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