Met Gala 2019: Moschino and Gucci Rule the Red Carpet

Moschino and Gucci dominated on the Met Gala red carpet, with varying degrees of success. Alessandro Michele, the Creative Director of Gucci, was one of this years gala co-chairs, so it wasn’t a surprise to see his devotees out in force. And there are few designers out there who do camp better or more exuberantly than Jeremy Scott of Moschino, so I was thrilled so many celebrities opt for his custom looks.

Mindy Kaling in Moschino

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Always one of my faves, my girl Mindy went with one of my fantasy stylist picks! I’m delighted and she looks fabulous – even if the blond wig is freaking me out a little. In the grand scheme of camp, this is the safe, but fabulous, way to go.

Salma Hayek in Gucci

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I think of Salma Hayek as the Grand Priestess of Gucci, as she rarely wears anything else. Usually I find Alessandro Michele’s designs to be overwhelming and over-the-top on her, but seeing as that’s what we were going for this time, I’ll give it to her.

Kacey Musgraves in Moschino

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This was Kacey’s first Met Gala and DAMN did she nail it! There are few things more recognizably campy than Barbie, from her ever changing looks, to her irresistibly catchy theme song, and Kacey certainly makes a good one. She even rolled up to the red carpet in her very own Barbie car! Like Lady Gaga and Billy Porter, who made their entrance to the gala part of their performance, Kacey went the extra, campy, mile.

Jared Leto in Gucci

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And speaking of going that extra mile, there’s nothing more “extra” than having a wax head made of your own head to carrying around all night as a purse. Borrowing an idea from Gucci’s Fall 2018 Ready to Wear show, Jared donned his holy robes as the High Priest of all things Alessandro and brought camp firmly into nightmare territory. I don’t know if this is campy, or just creepy – but I do know I’ve been having nightmares since Monday of a floating Jared Leto throwing his own head at me.

Tracee Ellis Ross in Moschino

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You can always count on Tracee to bring it and she looks incredible and meta as her own fabulous self portrait. With the built in opportunity to vamp and pose all night, Tracee’s take on the intersection of vanity and camp was one of my favorites.

Kiki Layne in Gucci

Embed from Getty Images

While her sandals give me shudders of horror, I adore Kiki’s tiered and fringed gown, complete with matching hair.

Katy Perry in Moschino

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Besides Lady Gaga, there was perhaps no one for whom the bar to nail this theme was set higher than Katy Perry. Her whole life, career, and vibe is camp. Just like Justice Potter Stewart attempting to define pornography, I can’t necessarily define camp (at least not without 58 bullet points!), but “I know it when I see it”. And this, this is definitely camp! Although, my great, unfulfilled, personal hope was that she would come as Left Shark.

Regina Hall, Ashley Graham, and Karlie Kloss in Dapper Dan for Gucci

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Dapper Dan, the famous Harlem designer whose work with hip hop and R&B artists of the 80’s and 90’s made him famous, recently partnered with Gucci and opened a new boutique underwritten by the House. The history of Dap, as he’s called, and Alessandro’s partnership is a very interesting one. Lord knows there are too few black designers represented on major runways and red carpets, so I was thrilled to see his work on the Pink Carpet – particularly since camp traces it’s history directly through black queer communities that are often sidelined when that history is told. As for his work, I adored his brocade creation for Regina Hall. The bee is a signature of Gucci, as is the House’s logo embroidered on the sleeves. But the gorgeous, sweeping skirt is 100 times better than anything Alessandro has produced on his own recently. Ashley Graham’s mini-suit and bedazzled tights look is definitely over-the-top, but falls a bit flat for me. And Karlie Kloss’s gold mini-dress feels like a complete after-thought.

Bella Hadid and Gwen Stefani in Moschino

Embed from Getty Images

Bella and Gwen walked the Pink Carpet with Jeremy Scott, Moschino’s creative director, in a pair black and white, bedazzled ensembles. First of all, Bella should consider a cropped haircut because honestly, she’s never looked better. And Gwen Stefani is a vampire who doesn’t age. As for their looks, I like Bella’s better – it feels like there was more direction than just “spangled leotard”, but the hip cutout is such an eye-roll.

Dakota Johnson in Gucci

Embed from Getty Images

Dakota is the current face of Gucci and this is a lot better than most of the stuff they give her. The crying heart motif is one of their most recognizable and I like the way it’s tears are scattered throughout the skirt. I don’t get what the tin foil headband is bringing to this look though – it feels like it was thrown on in the limo to add more “camp”.

Florence Welch in Gucci

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Florence is an absolute goddess, but this feels less camp than Game of Thrones Tribute. Which I am totally here for, because Florence can do no wrong. Although I can’t help thinking how much better this would be if someone had told her to put her hair up.

Sarah Paulson in Moshcino

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This look was a slow burn for me – I was shocked the always enigmatic Ms. Paulson would go for something so staid until I noticed that the entire gown is a giant bow-tie. It’s totally brilliant and it hits so many of the fun aspects of camp, from trompe l’oeil to dandyism. Also, her purse is a champagne bottle, which SAME, girl.

Hari Nef in Gucci

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This feels the most akin to what Gucci sends down the runway, so I’m not surprised that it does absolutely nothing for me.

Sinéad Burke in Gucci

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Sinéad Burke is a writer and advocate for accessibility and inclusion in design, and was the first little person to attend the Met Gala. She wrote a lovely piece for Vogue about her experience:

“…when Gucci and I began thinking on what I could and would wear, we wanted this moment to be powerful and important. As a little person, my physicality is often ridiculed. There have been very few moments in pop culture where a woman like me has had agency over her own aesthetic. We were careful that what I’m wearing was not a costume but a reflection of me as a person and a way in which I could communicate my advocacy to the world.”

She looks fantastic and it was a joy seeing her there! I highly recommend you follow her on Instagram to learn more about her work (and see some stellar, inclusive designs!): @thesineadburke.

Stella Maxwell in Moschino

Embed from Getty Images

This feels deeply un-imagined to me, and I sincerely hope those fox heads are fake. Next, please.

Saoirse Ronan in Gucci

Embed from Getty Images

It’s fun seeing Saoirse in something so out there and complicated – she tends to stick with more simple looks. But much like Florence’s look, this feels more fantasy than camp to me.

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