Red Carpet: Millie Bobby Brown Stays Busy

With the release of Strange Things Season 2 last week, Millie Bobby Brown, and her stylist Thomas Carter Phillips, have been very busy.  They seem to be throwing a lot of different vibes at the wall to see what sticks- some more successful than others.

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In Calvin Klein at the “Stranger Things” Season 2 Premiere

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I am about as excited about this outfit as she looks in this picture. This doesn’t work for me at all. Unlike her show, this is a BAD throwback. The hair and makeup age her, and the dress and shoes make her look like she’s playing dress-up.

In Gucci on “Good Morning America”

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I couldn’t find a full shot of this dress, but it’s my favorite of the lot. It’s fun and youthful, without looking over styled.

In Rodarte

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This is a solid match of designer and star. Rodarte doesn’t make much that is wearable, but this jacket is great on Millie. However, I have to say this look matures her a bit too much. She’s 13– I’m not sure that I would have thrown a crop top in the mix just yet.

In Sies Marjan on “Extra”

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This is clearly a nod to the ’80’s, but not a good one. Hard pass.

In Giamba

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I like this overall. Again, veering a bit too mature for her age, but I love the pattern, and the formal shorts bring it back to the right side of youthful.

In Calvin Klein at the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Show

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This is the essence of cool. Again, a lot of look for someone her age, but she’s pulling it off with aplomb. Some nice nods to the ’80’s, but still very current.

Keep up the good work, kid. But maybe less crop tops and uptight collars.


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  1. juliaparzen says:

    Totally agree with your choice of sailor look as best of the lot. Other looks , as you point out , are way too mature for her , as is all the makeup. She’s only 13 for goodness sake and looks like a hard 20.


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