Red Carpet: MURDER!!! (On the Orient Express)

No one, not even fashion (har har har…), was murdered on this red carpet.

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Honestly, everyone looks pretty good here.

Michelle Pfeiffer in Prada

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Prada can be hit and miss on the red carpet, especially when it comes to fit, but this is great on her. The real question here though, is does Michelle age? And can I get some of the virgin blood she must bathe in every night

Daisy Ridley in custom Vivienne Westwood Couture

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I’m surprised to say that I really like this. Usually Vivienne Westwood is a little too “Helena Bonham-Carter” for my tastes, but this is great. The color is really interesting and the cut is stellar on her.

Lucy Boynton in Erdem

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I love Erdem– I woke up early to check out the new ErdemxH&M collection, but sadly it was still out of my price range. I understand that this is A LOT of look and is not going to be for everyone, but I love it. The only stylistic change from the runway is the addition of the chunky heels. At first I thought they were the same pattern, but if you click to the second picture you will see that they were very carefully chosen to compliment AND contrast. Brava!

Penelope Cruz in Temperley London

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Temperley is a favorite of Duchess Kate, and with some modifications to the thigh high slit, I could have seen her in this for a state dinner. Lovely.


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  1. juliaparzen says:

    Agree with all analysis , except for Penelope, too heavy for my taste.


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