Red Carpet: 2017 CMA Awards

Confession: I did not watch this, and am not partial to country music. But, a red carpet is a red carpet.

Carrie Underwood

Embed from Getty Images

Carrie is the perpetual host for the CMA’s, along with Brad Paisley, and has been known to make a comical amount of costume changes. This years count was 9, but I could only find good shots of five.

The first look is Fouad Sarkis Couture, a line I’ve never heard of before. The color is great, but why construct a whole dress just to make it look like it’s falling off of her? The nude panel holding the top together is really tacky and jarring, and the whole thing is pulling her chest down in an unflattering way.

This Elie Youssef catsuit is…peak Carrie. It’s tight and sparkly and would make a great icecapades costume. It’s ridiculous.

I like the bones of this third look- the bubblegum pink and fun turquoise accessories are in her wheelhouse, but it’s derailed by a poor fit and ANOTHER nude boob panel.

For look number four she comes so, SO close. Great color, lovely beading, unnecessary booty shorts.

This final look could be called “sculptural”, but that would be generous. I am going to go with “crotch origami”.

Maren Morris in Francesco Scognamiglio

Embed from Getty Images

When I first saw this I thought it was a see through, fishnetted, flamenco inspired, palazzo pantsed jumpsuit. And I laughed out loud. In reality it’s a dress, but it’s sins are truly unforgivable.

Lea Michele in Zuhair Murad

Embed from Getty Images

Feather and glitter, how could I not love this one?

Kelsea Ballerini in Michael Kors

Embed from Getty Images

I love this, minus the unnecessary ab cutout.

Ruby Rose in August Getty Atelier

Embed from Getty Images

SO MUCH SHINY. The magpie in me wants to spirit this away and make a nest out of it. I don’t know exactly why she’s at the CMA’s, but she came out swinging.

Karlie Kloss in Elie Saab

Embed from Getty Images

I am still not 100% sold on her platinum locks, I think they wash her out. But I love me some Elie and this dress is great. I wish it wasn’t gaping a bit around her chest, but that’s a small nit pick.

Kellie Pickler in Pamela Roland

Embed from Getty Images

The hair ages her too much, but the dress is good fun.

Pink in Monsoori

Embed from Getty Images

This is very un-Pink. Princess-y isn’t usually her jam, but I love that she is willing to change things up, try new looks, and get out of her comfort zone. And I love that she and her daughter both went in full princess gear. I thought this was Giambattista Valli at first, have never heard of this specific brand.

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