Red Carpet: SAG AFTRA Events

Awards season glad-handing is officially underway, and the Screen Actors Guild has been throwing various parties.

Allison Williams 

Embed from Getty Images

I loved Get Out, and would be thrilled if it was nominated for some stuff this season. I also love this weird little dress and would like to nominate it for a spot in my closet. However, I can’t find a designer credit for it and it’s driving me insane. My best guesses were Oscar de la Renta, Christian Dior, or Schiaparelli, but a quick look through their 2017/18 collections and I couldn’t find it.

EDIT: I was right! It’s Schiaparelli– she just tagged them in a post on Instagram.

She attended another SAG AFTRA event for Get Out back in October in this sweet Oscar de la Renta which I also love.

Embed from Getty Images

Katherine McPhee in Maria Lucia Hohan

Embed from Getty Images

OK. So we need to talk about Katherine McPhee. First of all, this drab nightie of a dress is only saved by the decent styling. Second of all, she is currently dating David Foster, who is 34 years her senior. I mean, live your truth girl, but your two years YOUNGER than his daughter, and it’s a little odd. Third, my boyfriend saw her at LAX today in what looked to be an incredibly uncomfortable flying outfit. He snapped a pic to ask me who she was after hearing her on her phone talking about tour dates.

And fourth, she will always hold a weird and special place in my heart for starring in Smash, my all time favorite show to hate watch. When it was good, it was great- and when it was bad, as it often was, it was spectacular. Go stream it.


Mandy Moore in Johanna Ortiz

Embed from Getty Images

Mandy has really interesting taste, which can be hit or miss, but this is fabulous.

Zoe Kazan in Valentino

Embed from Getty Images

Hoo boy…she looks like she just escaped a cult that worships Laura Ashley and Heidi, but also does a lot of acid.

Kat Graham in Monse

Embed from Getty Images

Well if this isn’t just the Monse-iest thing that ever Monsed. I know they’re the current darlings of the fashion world, but their whole aesthetic seems to be “Fun Ways to Wear Your One-Night-Stands Button Down Shirt on Your Walk of Shame Home”.


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