Red Carpet: The Evening Standard Theater Awards

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The Brits handed out some theater awards, Lin Manuel debuted a surprise, and everyone basically looked good!

Lin Manuel Miranda and Vanessa Nadal 

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Someone is expecting a little Theodosia or Philip! Lin and Vanessa debuted her baby bump on the red carpet, and she looked fabulous. Couldn’t find a designer credit for this, but it’s lovely.

Zendaya in Elie Saab

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Damn, this is good. I’m transfixed by the way the ombre sleeves flow into the red carpet. It almost makes her look like a sorceress who rose magically from the ground. This is just phenomenal.

Keira Knightley in Valentino

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Keira almost always looks like she stepped right out of a British period drama, never more so than here. It really suits her though- who else could pull off something so very antiquated? It’s definitely a lot of look, but I’m charmed by it.

Poppy Delevigne in Prada

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Honestly, I love this, but don’t think Poppy has the same elan to carry this like her sister Cara might.

Cressida Bonas in Armani

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Oh, Cressida. It must feel just a little shitty to be Prince Harry’s most recent ex, watching how happy he and Meghan seem to be. And insult to injury, this look is kind of a flop. It makes her look droopy and pregnant.

Ellie Bamber in Chanel

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Cute, if a little casual.

Allison Williams in Alexander McQueen

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Lovely! My only nit to pick is I wish the lining went all the way down.

Ophelia Lovibond in Emporio Armani

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This reminds me so much of Julia Roberts’ classic Valentino gown from her Oscar win in 2001. Ophelia’s cocktail version pales in comparison unfortunately.

Anna Wintour in Maison Margiela

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One of the things that cracks me up about Anna is her ability to take any gown and incorporate it into her signature look. Top to bottom this is 100% Anna, no matter how edgy or unique the source material was.

Ruth Negga in Valentino

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She’s adorable and can pull off some avant garde stuff, but this is just a little too shapeless for me.


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  1. juliaparzen says:

    I am obsessed with Ruth Negga, therefore I think she looks gorgeous in anything!
    Can we talk about how awfully thin Allison Williams looks, borderline anorexic.
    Agree about the Zendaya dress, it is mesmerizing and magical, so original and gorgeous.


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