Red Carpet: Cate Blanchett’s Coolness

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Recently, my boyfriend asked me if there were any celebrities where my personal affection for them might cloud my judgement about what they’re wearing. The answer is “Uh, yeah…duh”. I don’t think I will ever like something a Kardashian wears, by virtue of them being a Kardashian. Just like my love for Diane Krueger makes me eager to forgive her sartorial sins.

Cate Blanchett has always been one of those celebrities in the latter category- her inherent coolness allows her to carry off things that lesser beings would get lost in.

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You may remember that Jennifer Lawrence wore a black version of this Alexander McQueen gown a few weeks ago. This is technically an embroidered cropped sweater and a skirt, and she’s carrying it with aplomb. I prefer this version to J. Law’s- the ideas flow easier with less skin showing between the top and skirt. Personally, I would love the embroidery to continue down the skirt. And maybe 25% less froof.

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This is Louis Vuitton, and if she had attended his recent celebration in this she would have easily been the best dressed there. Thanking god for no wonky sleeves in sight.

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This Marni photocall outfit is a lot dowdier than Cate deserves. Not a fan.

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Last but FAR from least, this is Custom Armani and it’s glorious. One of my favorite gowns of the year, the weaving is so interesting and the colors are so lively. Easily the best of the bunch.



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