Golden Globes: Dior Restrains Themselves

The erstwhile house of Dior managed to produce a solid roster of gowns this time around, all the more shocking since in 2017 they created my most hated dress.

Jessica Biel

Embed from Getty Images

I am on the record as not liking Biel, although her self-deprecating turn as herself on this season of Bojack Horseman made me consider that she may not be as icy as she seems. As a strong supporter of whimsy, I love this celestial gown. My favorite Dior of the evening.

Elisabeth Moss

Embed from Getty Images

TV’s Best Actress winner chose a twee, tea length custom creation. None of that is surprising, she almost always trends towards a dainty, 1950’s era silhouette and has a strange attachment to the somewhat dated tea length. The detailing on the collar is super though.

Natalie Portman

Embed from Getty Images

Natalie is a very loyal Dior devotee, whether by contract or personal taste, and this is both classic them and classic her. It’s very medieval French lady-in-waiting, which is…fine I guess. Would have loved to see a statement necklace with this – she always seems to punt on jewelry. For some reason, she didnt pose alone – just with America Ferrera, who looks lovely in a glittery Christian Siriano gown and tux jacket. Also, major praise for calling out on stage that all the nominated directors were male. It was a healthy reminder that despite the solidarity and resistance felt in the room, there’s still a long way to go towards equality.

Michelle Pfeiffer

Embed from Getty Images

Michelle is stunning and looks DAMN good for her age. This is too buttoned up and geriatric for someone who’s cheekbones I would sell my soul for. I understand the impulse to go subdued for the blackout, but this is just too dull.

Sally Hawkins

Embed from Getty Images

This is fine, pretty unimpeachable. Similar idea to Michelle’s, to the point that I am surprised Dior would put both of them on the same red carpet.



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