The Critic’s Choice Awards: Film Nominees

Awards season stops for no woman. Let’s dive straight into the TCA’s, which I am already a week behind in reporting on!

Saoirse Ronan in Michael Kors

Embed from Getty Images

It looks like her lady-bits are being sucked inwards. Not my favorite look. And the makeup is so discordant.

Margot Robbie in Chanel

Embed from Getty Images

What a strange mess? None of this seems to be following the same train of thought. Striped and ruffles and a weirdly patterned belt…I just don’t know.


Jessica Chastain in Vionnet

Embed from Getty Images

This color is glorious on her. The cut makes her look 9 months pregnant.



Brooklynn Prince

Embed from Getty Images

How cute is this little nugget! And look how adorable she and Jacob Tremblay are together! Kids these days….


Mary J. Blige in Vivienne Westwood

Embed from Getty Images

Lovely. Fits her like a dream.

Laurie Metcalf in Cristina Ottaviano

Embed from Getty Images

Very elegant and classic. This is her best so far.





Zoe Kazan in Valentino 

Embed from Getty Images

Her twee-ness is showing again. This could have been good with a bit of editing – loose the Dutch milkmaid hair, the weird mustard dipped sleeves, and we could be working with something good.


Greta Gerwig in Fendi

Embed from Getty Images

This is twee done right. The caftan-like silhouette is very much in her wheelhouse, and the heart applique is a fun detail.


Allison Janney in Michael Cinco

Embed from Getty Images

She largely sticks to the same silhouette, but hey, it works for her!






Octavia Spencer in Tadashi Shoji

Embed from Getty Images

Fantastic color!





Hong Chau in Christian Dior

Embed from Getty Images

Ugh. This dirty dishwater color sucks.


Holly Hunter 

Embed from Getty Images

This is fine, but a little more casual that the dress code implied.



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  1. Meaghan Green says:

    Legit thought Zoe Kazan was wearing rubber dish-washing gloves at first glance.

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