Royals: Meghan Markle at the Endeavour Awards

Meghan M 2

Photo courtesy of @KensingtonRoyal

When I covered Meghan’s January engagements I said “she’s shown a tendency towards pants and messy hair, so I look forward to hopefully seeing her try her hand at cocktail wear and an updo next month”….

It may still be the beginning of the month, but Meghan’s latest outing fulfills neither of my wishes. Won’t she think of all the poor fashion wonks across the pond!?

Embed from Getty Images

The suit is Alexander McQueen and she’s attending the annual Endeavour Fund Awards. The Fund was founded by Harry, Will, and Kate in 2012 to support the recovery of wounded servicemen and women. This was Meghan’s first speaking engagement, and apparently she had a slight mix-up with her notes but handled it like a pro.

Embed from Getty Images

I like this look – it’s very Jane Bond. And look how gloriously brushed and silky her hair is! I am very intrigued by her solid commitment to pants. Other than her engagement announcement and photos, she’s worn pants to every event so far. I don’t think anything is random or done without thought when it comes to The Firm, so I’m of course curious about what’s behind her avoidance of skirts for her first few, surely impression-making appearances.

Embed from Getty Images

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