Red Carpet: Almost Everyone Looks Amazing at the Black Panther Premiere

Perhaps the most colorful and joyous red carpet of all time.

Lupita Nyong’o in custom Atelier Versace

Embed from Getty Images

This is just EXTRA. The color is phenomenal, the hardware is amazing – like an amazon warriors breastplate, and her towering stalk of hair is so interesting and powerful. She’s carrying this all so well.

Janelle Monae in custom Christian Siriano

Embed from Getty Images

We all know that when Janelle commits, she REALLY commits. This is epic, and while I don’t particularly like it, I respect the hell out of it. The tilted crown is such a baller move, and she knows it. In fact, all these pieces are great, I’m just not sure they belonged together.

Yara Shahidi in Etro

Embed from Getty Images

You don’t see a lot of Etro on the red carpet, but I like this. It has a very Egyptian feel to it.

Angela Bassett in Naeem Khan

Embed from Getty Images

I once saw Angela Bassett in a boutique on Martha’s Vineyard and she is simply flawless in person. This is AWESOME and she’s clearly enjoying the hell out of wearing it. I’m not usually a jumpsuit person, but this is so much fun and excellently accessorized.

Issa Rae in Rosie Assoulin

Embed from Getty Images

I love Issa Rae and I love Rosie Assoulin, so I wanted to enjoy this pairing more than I do. The rainbow pleats are excellent and are clearly from the same line as Tessa Thompson’s Assoulin gown at the Emmy’s last year.  But I don’t love the toga-ish way the bodice and sleeves are draped. Honestly though, I mostly just wish it was Tessa’s gown all over again.

Tessa Thompson in Elie Saab

Embed from Getty Images

Speaking of Tessa….this is quite the letdown. She looks like a widowed witch.

Cobie Smulders in Markarian

Embed from Getty Images

This is fun! Sparkles and stripes – it checks all my boxes.

Danai Gurira in Viktor & Rolf

Embed from Getty Images

There’s a perfectly fine strapless black dress peeking out of half a prom dress from 1986. This thing is having a major identity crisis.

Laura Harrier in Jacquemus

Embed from Getty Images

HA. This is bad. Guess she missed the memo from 2004 that leggings aren’t pants.

Aisha Dee in Landero

Embed from Getty Images

I’m not familiar with this young lady or the designer, but I love this dress – the pattern reminds me of an Alexander Calder mobile.

Storm Reid in Stella McCartney

Embed from Getty Images

The sequined fringe on the top almost looked like a giant stomach tattoo, which thankfully it is not since Storm here is just 14. This isn’t actively bad, which sadly is the scale on which I generally judge Stella McCartney designs.


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