Red Carpet: Christian Dior at the BAFTA’s

Lots of looks from Christian Dior’s recent Spring 2018 show.

Jennifer Lawrence 

Embed from Getty Images

It’s interesting that J. Law is still wearing Dior since she is no longer contractually required to, particularly since many of the looks she wore during their partnership were universally panned. This is mostly good. It looks a bit like she’s about to pose for her 18th century portrait à la Martha Washington, but It’s good and different than her usual.

Kristin Scott-Thomas 

Embed from Getty Images

I really like this and had actually shortlisted it for an upcoming post about my picks for the some of the Oscar nominees. Can’t you picture this on Meryl, or Frances, or Laurie Metcalf?

Ruth Wilson

Embed from Getty Images

I don’t like or understand how the the buttons are working here, but the pants are fitted nicely and the shoes are a fun touch.

Kate Mara

Embed from Getty Images

This is lovely and a solid nod to the #TimesUp dress code, while remaining unique and interesting.

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