Red Carpet: The BAFTA Nominees (Almost) All Wear Black

Saoirse Ronan in Chanel

Embed from Getty Images

Chop of the sheer veil at the bottom and you’d get a cute cocktail dress. Otherwise, this is just a half-finished idea.

Greta Gerwig in Jonathan Cohen

Embed from Getty Images

Cute! And from a designer I haven’t heard of before. I am pulling for her to bring out a real whimsical pattern for the Oscars!

Margot Robbie in Givenchy

Embed from Getty Images

This is alright. I’ve notice Margot tends to gravitate towards halter necks…something I’m keeping in mind as I am making my picks/predictions for what the nominees should wear to the Oscars! Like Saoirse’s, I wish I could remove the black veil covering the rest of the dress. And what’s with the random side-ab cutout? Completely unnecessary.

Sally Hawkins in Ralph and Russo

Embed from Getty Images

So, Sally here is only 41. I sincerely thought she was much older. She seems like an old soul, and dresses similarly to some of the older nominees this cycle, like Lesley Manville and Laurie Metcalf – who are both in their 60’s. I’m not judging, just surprised. That said, I like this a lot. It’s classic and would look good on women of almost any age.

Allison Janney in Bibhu Mohapatra

Embed from Getty Images

Oh Allison. You were on such an epic roll. You have seriously been killing it all season. But I guess it’s better to get any weirdness (like a dress accessorized with a futuristic architectural satin harness) out of your system before the Oscars…

Frances McDormand in Valentino

Embed from Getty Images

Well, someone decided to ignore the dress code! She didn’t really give an explanation, other than saying that she does stand in solidarity with #TimesUp but has always had “a little trouble with compliance”. I actually love the dress – the pattern is lips applying lipstick, which is tremendous fun. I do wish she’d done something with her hair other than stand in a wind tunnel though.

Octavia Spencer in Sachin and Babi

Embed from Getty Images

Color me shocked to see Octavia in a designer other than her beloved Tadashi Shoji! Changing things up is working for her though – this is fantastic.


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