Red Carpet: J. Law Promotes “Red Sparrow”

I am very intrigued by this movie. Sexy spy shenanigans? Yes please. Unfortunately, a lot of the dialogue about “Red Sparrow” has been focused on Jennifer’s nude scenes – and now, what she has worn to promote the film.

Her first look was relatively uncontroversial. It’s from Christian Dior’s most recent collection

Embed from Getty Images

Turns out Jennifer has signed up for round two as a Dior spokeswoman, so it’s no surprise we’ve been seeing her in more and more of their looks. This time around they seem to be giving her some of their better stuff. I mean, remember this travesty:

Embed from Getty Images

This rainbow look is full on 70’s and it’s working on her. The curls, the pleats, the pastels – it’s a disco fever dream. But a good one. Not like the terrifying fever dreams I’ve been having since coming down with the flu a few days ago.

Her second look for the promo tour proved to be absurdly controversial .The internet took issue with the photocall, saying it was sexist for all the men to be warm and cozy in their coats, while Jen froze her ass off in Versace:

Embed from Getty Images

Jennifer immediately hit back on Facebook:

J Law

I completely agree. J. Law does NOT seem like the type of woman to let anyone tell her what to do, and it is very much her prerogative to wear whatever she wants, however she wants. I think we are long past the point where feminism is linked to what women wear or how they chose to express themselves. Part of the beauty of modern feminism is the agency women have to make their own choices about how they present themselves to the world, without the world discounting their commitment to the movement because they’re wearing a short skirt, or a sheer top. Or in Jennifer’s case, a damn sexy Versace gown.

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