Red Carpet: 2018 Costume Designers Guild Awards

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The costume designers of Hollywood handed out their awards this week. It was the mixed bag one would expect at an event where people try to be “fashion-y”.

Sarah Hyland in Carolina Herrera

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This is absolutely glorious. Sarah has very ladylike taste and I almost always like what she wears, but this look really blew me away. I’m going to remember this when it’s time for my “Best Dressed of 2018”.

Sonequa Martin-Green in Adam Selman

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And this…is not so successful. Adam Selman is probably best known for his supremely naked gown that Rihanna wore to the 2014 CFDA awards. The idea here however doesn’t seem fully formed – at least his infamous Rihanna gown had a vision. It was directional and purposeful. This is just a feathered silk sack.

Kerry Washington in Dolce and Gabbana

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I was just thinking about my complicated feelings regarding Dolce and Gabbana when scrolling through Instagram earlier to see one of their posts highlighting a coat of their design recently worn by Melania Trump. They have been a go-to house for Melania as a lot of other designers have refused to dress her. It’s no secret that I am ideologically opposed to everything the Trump family stands for, and it’s also no secret that Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana have been…problematic over the years.

That’s all to say that I feel I shouldn’t support their work, even in the paltry and inconsequential way of praising their designs on my barely read blog. For example, I’ve avoided writing about Ulyana Sergeenko’s latest collection after her racist incident, and I’ve ignored the recent collection released by Marchesa, the brand co-owned by Harvey Weinstein’s ex-wife. I’m trying to put my ideology ahead of my aesthetics

But there’s something about D&G’s aesthetic that I consistently feel drawn too. They’re over the top romanticism, their exuberant use of color, and their ballsy commitment to a theme make it tough for me to quit them. Anyway, that’s my very long way of saying I like this, but I feel sort of permanently bad about liking it. Sigh.

Gina Rodriguez in Rachel Sage Kunin

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Gina hosted the award ceremony and was outfitted in a custom design by her costume designer from “Jane the Virgin” (which I hear is a delight and need to watch). This is banging and she seems thoroughly excited to be wearing it.

Much like Mindy Kaling who often relies on her “Mindy Project” designer Salvador Perez (and current President of the Costume Designers Guild) to create custom looks for her red carpet appearances, this was a smart move for Gina. Who knows what looks good on you better than the person who has designed hundred of costumes for you over the course of a series? And bravo to her for giving publicity to an otherwise little known designer.

Rachel Brosnahan in ADEAM

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Yikes. It feels like Rachel, relatively new to the spotlight, is still trying to find her aesthetic. And this shouldn’t be it. This could have been successful without the strange bulky black sweater underneath the strapless dress,  but overall it’s a little try hard.

Sally Field in Yanina Couture

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First of all, how adorable is Sally’s effort to set her son up with America’s Sweetheart Adam Rippon?! What a yenta! Second of all, this feels…musty. I think it’s the antique style lace, but if you told me she had walked right off the set of “Lincoln” in her full on Mary Todd costume, I wouldn’t be surprised.

Anna Camp in J. Mendel

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Anna was there to support her good friend Salvator Perez, head of the Costume Designers Guild and head designer for Anna’s “Pitch Perfect” franchise. She looks lovely and ladylike, which is her wheelhouse. I really like the melon color of this gown – it’s making me ready for spring.

Eva Longoria in Nili Lotan

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Eva is about 6 months pregnant, and I thoroughly support her decision to go with “flowy and comfy” for all red carpet events moving forward.

Brooklyn Decker in Galia Lahav

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Dear Christ this is horrific. There is absolutely nothing redeemable about this look. Sorry to end on such a dud.

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