Oscars After Parties 2018: Costume Changes

A whole bunch of folks changed before they headed to the perennial Vanity Fair shindig. Some for the better…some, not so much.

Zendaya in Michael Kors

Embed from Getty Images

She is positively statuesque. Is there a Zendaya Barbie yet? If not, there should be, and she should wear this dress. I’m surprised at how much I like it – I don’t usually gravitate towards non-colors. It’s the Zendaya Effect: she can convince you of just about anything.

Emily Blunt in Alexander McQueen

Embed from Getty Images

I’m tempted to give her “Most Improved” because of how much I hated her ceremony dress and how much I WANT to love this. It has a lot of things that appeal to me: detailed embroidery, sparkles, random animals. I’m thankful it’s lined, but there’s still a bit too much “hint of underboob” for my taste. While we’re at it though, “Hint of Underboob” would make a great band name…

Tiffany Haddish in Brandon Maxwell

Embed from Getty Images

This is a total slam dunk for her and my favorite of her three looks. I also applaud her for figuring out a way to wear three different dresses in the span of 4 hours. Not an easy feat.

Emma Stone in Louis Vuitton

Embed from Getty Images

She should have stuck with the surprisingly good Louis Vuitton pantsuit instead of the Louis Vuitton mini-dress that looks like it was slapped together five minutes before the red carpet.

Betty Gabriel in Pamella Roland

Embed from Getty Images

This is committing the same heinous crimes against her bosom that her last dress did. Whatever did her breasts do to deserve such mistreatment?

Allison Janney in Brandon Maxwell

Embed from Getty Images

I love this, and like everyone else, am obliged to point out that it’s very Sharon Stone. I enjoy the way it gives the impression that she just threw a button down on over her original dress, ready to party. It’s like Reem Acra passed the baton seamlessly to Brandon Maxwell. Very well done.

Allison Williams in Jean-Louis Sabaji

Embed from Getty Images

This is my favorite look of the night, period. Simply exquisite – the skirt seems almost feathered. I am totally blown away by this one.

Margot Robbie in Chanel

Embed from Getty Images

This is fine, but feels a little costume-y. Couldn’t you see Daisy Buchanan wearing this while doing the charleston?

Gal Gadot in Armani Privé

Embed from Getty Images

Gorgeous and elegant, but slouchy and cool at the same time. Well played.

Abbie Cornish in Christian Siriano

Embed from Getty Images

I like this a lot – I’m a sucker for a full, floral skirt. I think the necklace is fighting with the neckline though.

Greta Gerwig in Dior

Embed from Getty Images

This was one of the better looks from the recent Dior show. I’m glad it didn’t go to J. Law though – I can’t see her in it. Greta is a better fit for the inherent whimsy of a tulip cut.

Salma Hayek in Gucci

Embed from Getty Images

Salma squeezed herself into another too-busy, too-tight Gucci. And who the hell is “Dapper Dan”?! So many questions.

Danai Gurira in Gabriela Hearst

Embed from Getty Images

This is great and very on brand for her – simple but fierce.

Lupita Nyong’o in Armani Prive

Embed from Getty Images

Gorgeous – I wasn’t 100% on her ceremony dress, which seemed to be universally beloved. This, I love more wholeheartedly.

Eiza Gonzalez in Schiaparelli 

Embed from Getty Images

It’s moments like this when you realize that no one is changing outfits for the afterparties for convenience. She is going to have a significantly harder time navigating the crowdsl, partying until 4 AM in this look than she would in her dress from the ceremony. That being said, I love this. It’s so unique and intriguing: why is there an octopus on her chest; why won’t she take off her dressing gown? It makes you think. But it’s fun and playful and I love it.

Mary J. Blige in Vera Wang

Embed from Getty Images

This would be killer without the filmy tulle over top and the strange black band at her knees.

Lindsey Vonn in Celia Kritharioti

Embed from Getty Images

Lindsey did a real 180 – from goth-madame to sexy-Bo Peep. Bad all around.

Andra Day in Nina Ricci

Embed from Getty Images

She doesn’t look particularly excited to be wearing this dress. And neither am I. I’m bummed – she has such interesting taste, I think she could have really wowed us. But both her looks got lost somewhere along the road to overdone.

Kelly Marie Tran in Alberta Ferretti

Embed from Getty Images

This is fine. Not terribly exciting – I won’t remember this dress five minutes from now.

Laura Dern in Gabriela Hearst

Embed from Getty Images

Never been big on the “bustier as shirt” thing, I wish she had stuck with her ceremony look.

Haley Bennett in Christian Dior

Embed from Getty Images

Good lord this is stodgy. Did she just walk of the set of a new movie about a stern but well-dressed school marm in Victorian London?

St. Vincent in Saint Laurent

Embed from Getty Images

I mean…it’s an improvement on “pointy vagina”…but just barely.

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