Red Carpet: ‘Westworld’ Premiere

I just finished watching last nights Westworld Season 2 premiere. It was just inscrutable and violent as last season – with a healthy dose of WTF. Let’s take a look at what folks wore to the premiere last week.

Evan Rachel Wood in Altuzarra

Embed from Getty Images

Evan opts for suiting 90% of the time, and with good reason – she wears it well. This isn’t my favorite color on anyone, but the pinstripes are good and the fit is impeccable.

Thandie Newton in Osman

Embed from Getty Images

Thandie’s “Maeve” is easily my favorite part of the show. She plays her with tremendous empathy and surprising humor. One of the best moments from last nights episode was when she turned the tables on Westworld’s storyteller in chief, matter-of-factly making him strip naked in front of her. To quote Vulture’s always great recaps: “[The scene] works on three levels: from the pointed reversal of Maeve’s endless first-season nudity, to taking on the writer and creator and making them do the same, to how the scene thumbs its nose at the oh-so-dreaded prospect of showing a penis on television. It’s Westworld at its best, and an early sign of the most interesting part of the revolution”. Oh, and I love this suit almost as much as I love Maeve.

Shannon Woodward

Embed from Getty Images

There’s possibly one too many things going on here. The sequin details are lovely, but the neckline is crowded and confusing.

Angela Sarafayan in Honor

Embed from Getty Images

We didn’t get any glimpses of Angela’s fate in last nights premiere, but based on what we DID see…it’s probably not good. Or as pristinely white and un-blood stained as this gown.


Tao Okamoto in Elie Saab 

Embed from Getty Images

Tao here plays a yet to be revealed character who I think we will see in the “Shogun World” section of the park. It’s rare that I want to edit an Elie Saab gown – he usually gets it right the first time – but I find myself wishing the skirt wasn’t shredded.



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