Red Carpet: Louis Vuitton Punts at the Met Gala

You know, as hard as I am on Louis Vuitton, I’m rooting for them. I don’t want to hate everything they send down the runway and red carpet. Often when I don’t like a designers work, I can at least say that I “get it” or appreciate it, but I find much of LV’s most recent work completely un-appreciable. Luckily, it seems all of their work for the Met Gala this year was custom. Unluckily, none of it felt fresh, interesting, or particularly relevant to the theme.

Michelle Williams 

Embed from Getty Images

This is actually gorgeous and well suited to her. But she could have worn this to the Oscars, or Cannes, or any other red carpet. There’s nothing linking it to the evenings theme.

Sienna Miller

Embed from Getty Images

Sienna tried a little harder, with her medieval bling, but there’s still a disconnect. Again, thank God for small miracles because this is so much better than everything LV has sent down the runway recently.

Ruth Negga 

Embed from Getty Images

This is more “sparkly Princess Leia” than anything, no? It’s too bad Ruth already wore the perfect dress to the 2017 Oscars.

Alicia Vikander 

Embed from Getty Images

I…vaguely get nunnery vibes from the white shrug, but that seems like the bare minimum effort?

Emma Stone 

Embed from Getty Images

I love this, I think it’s some of LV’s best work of late. Does it have anything to do with the theme? No. However, it would have been well suited for 2013’s “Punk” theme. Her makeup is glorious though.

Jennifer Connelly

Embed from Getty Images

There are at least three different dresses here, forced together in some kind of unholy marriage that I am SURE the Catholic church would not approve of.

Laura Harrier

Embed from Getty Images

What even is this? No.

Riley Keough in LV

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