Red Carpet: Prabal Gurung Debuts Bespoke Line at Met Gala

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Prabal Gurung has been hit and miss for me lately. He has created red carpet magic in the past, particularly with his frequent muse/collaborator Diane Kruger. These two looks are still two of my all time favorites on Diane. He’s also done incredible work with Issa Rae and Sarah Paulson.  But, he also did this. And this.

This year, he used the Met Gala to debut his bespoke atelier line. All of the designs worn by the eight women he dressed are now available for custom orders. Taken together, it becomes clear that he was much more focused on creating a collection with wide appeal and using the Met Gala as a great big advertisement, rather than designing to the theme.

Diane Kruger

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He’s done both better and worse by Diane. There are definitely threads of holy vestments here, particularly in the train, but this mostly leaves me cold. Diane and Prabal have created magic before, and I am sure they will again – I was just hoping for more from them on such a big night.

Ashley Graham

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A heavenly body indeed, accompanied by another cathedral length train. She looks stunning and it’s better than a lot of what she wears, but still feels disconnected from the grandeur of the evening.

Hailee Steinfeld

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I don’t get this one at all. She looks like she’s headed to her “Super Sweet 16”.

Deepika Padukone

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Deepika is an Indian movie star and she looks stunning in this structural red gown. I appreciate the Cardinal red – it feels at least like an attempt at theme. And I love Prabal himself back there wrangling her train!

Gabrielle Union

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I mean, OK? The color is gorgeous, but this is not the level of drama or creativity I look for at the Met Gala.

Eiza Gonzalez

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YES! This is what I am looking for – it’s creative and weird and on theme and she looks great. She’s a sexy, sinister nun who definitely might be into S&M, and I’m loving it. Also, can someone better versed in Catholic iconography explain the three tears on her cheek? A few other attendees had similar appliques incorporated into their makeup and I’ve had a hard time figuring out it’s significance.


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