Red Carpet: Models at the Met Gala

The models were a mixed bag at the Met Gala this year – some real highs from unexpected candidates (looking at you Hadid’s) and some expected lows from repeat offenders (Jenner’s…you know who you are).

Bella Hadid in Chrome Hearts Official x Gareth Pugh

Embed from Getty Images

Like I said when I covered Gigi’s gorgeous stained glass inspired Versace gown, I was very impressed with both of the Hadid sisters this year. If Gigi was delicate, heavenly stained glass, then Bella is definitely a somewhat sinful nun. She looks about ready to break out of the convent to join a coven.

Kate Moss in Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello

Embed from Getty Images

So, Kate has just stopped trying, right?

Kendall Jenner in Off White

Embed from Getty Images

GURL. HEM YOUR PANTS! Purposefully long hems drive me crazier than just about any current trend.

Doutzen Kroes in Sies Marjan

Embed from Getty Images

This feels sloppy – like she had to pull part of her gown over her head because it was raining out and she forgot her umbrella.

Emily Ratajkowski in Marc Jacobs

Embed from Getty Images

Speaking of sloppy, was Marc a little tipsy when he made this? It’s sewn together about as well as Dr. Frankenstein’s monster.

Kylie Jenner in Alexander Wang

Embed from Getty Images

Remember when I said that overly long pants were the current bane of my existence? Well, I’m adding teeny tiny sunglasses to that list. They’re just so, so, so dumb. So incredibly pointless and dumb. While the Hadid’s did well this year, the Jenner’s both dissapointed. Plus, her bust looks like a sleep mask.

Amber Valletta in Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello

Embed from Getty Images

I love this first shot. This is why Amber is one of the original Supers. The rest of the dress is boring for me – Saint Laurent’s whole thing this year was LBD’s on LBD’s, and Vaccarello brought out a slew of them for the Met Gala. As a whole they just felt a little too cocktail/casual for me.

Jourdan Dunn in Diane von Furstenberg

Embed from Getty Images

Diane dressed two models for the gala – Jourdan and Taylor Hill (below). This one was called the “Queen of Sheba” dress, a reference I will be honest I am not getting.

Taylor Hill in Diane von Furstenberg

Embed from Getty Images

And this reference is….obvious. If you’ve read my coverage thus far, you know I love adherence to the theme. However, this feels a little too on the nose. Is this not LITERALLY just Cardinals robes?

Karlie Kloss in Brandon Maxwell

Embed from Getty Images

Very elegant, if not on theme. Lately I find myself wanting more drama and grandeur from Karlie.

Paris Jackson in Stella McCartney

Embed from Getty Images

OK, whatever, Stella. It’s a better dress than a lot of what she makes, but what’s it doing here? And more importantly, what six year old did Paris steal that tiara from?

Liu Wen in Michael Kors

Embed from Getty Images

Simply gorgeous. She usually nails it at the Met Gala.

Brooke Shields in Zac Posen

Embed from Getty Images

Very pretty and excellent jewels. At this point, do I even need to say the word “theme” anymore?

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