Red Carpet: 2018 Tony Awards Attendees

Let’s close out the Tony’s with a slew of guests and presenters, including Anna Wintour herself, the self-proclaimed sartorial magician of the Tony’s.

Bee Shaffer in Alexander McQueen and Anna Wintour in Prada

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A few years back, many of you will remember that Anna made it her personal mission to re-vamp the Tony’s red carpet. She had previously called it a style “disaster”, and I think it’s safe to say that a few years into her tenure as official sartorial master of ceremonies, things have vastly improved. Bee looks lovely, and although this isn’t my favorite McQueen of late, it did make my shortlist for Cannes suggestions for Cate Blanchett. Anna’s neon yellow beaded Prada is phenomenal and one of my favorite looks of the night.

Tavi Gevinson in Zac Posen

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This is fine, but feels a little juvenile. Tavi’s been on the scene for a long time, ever since she gained attention for her fashion blogging at the ripe old age of 12 (jealous!). I could see this on 12 year old Tavi, not necessarily 22 year old Tavi.

Zoey Deutch in Brock Collection

Embed from Getty Images

This is fine – a bit Autumnal for the start of Summer.

Katherine McPhee in Zac Posen

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This dress kind of embodies everything I often dislike about Zac Posen (and Vivienne Westwood while we are at it). This didn’t need that many pleats on the bodice, nor the enormous V over her lady-bits…I used to love his work, and still do sometimes (see Hailey Kilgore) but I think my tastes changed at some point and I find the excessive structuring to be…well, excessive.

Tatiana Maslany in Zac Posen

Embed from Getty Images

Cute! Would be 100% cuter without the visible bra, but I’ve basically given up harping on the evils of the sheer trend.

Tiffany Haddish in Michael Kors

Embed from Getty Images

I’m not a jumpsuit person, but she looks great here!

Rachel Brosnahan in Dolce and Gabbana

Embed from Getty Images

First of all, I don’t know if she knew she would exactly match the step and repeat, but I love this and well played! Second of all, I am amazed and impressed that Rachel was there at all – Kate Spade, one of my most beloved designers, and Rachel’s aunt tragically committed suicide earlier this week. It’s incredibly commendable that she kept her engagements, but I also just want to give her a hug. On the subject, please take a moment to read this beautiful piece from the Fug Girls at Cosmopolitan:

“There was something profoundly formative about being able to call one of her purses your own. A Kate Spade was a splurge, but unlike so many others of that era (the Fendi baguette, a box of Blahniks) it wasn’t a wholly unattainable one — and for so many women who came of age when we did, it was a special hallmark of being able to own a tiny piece of luxury entirely for ourselves, because we wanted to, because we could.”

I too bought one of her bags as a gift for myself after receiving an industry award – my first designer bag, and a rare splurge and appreciation of my hard work. I just bought two more of hers a few weeks ago during their semi-annual sale. This one hits hard, and she’ll be terribly missed. She brought a lot of cheer and joy into so many peoples lives and for that I’m very grateful.

Claire Danes in Valentino

Embed from Getty Images

This Valentino tricked me a bit – at first I thought I hated it and it was leopard print. Then I thought I liked it and it was more of a houdstooth. Now I am confused, but leaning towards like.

Sara Bareilles in J. Mendel

Embed from Getty Images

Sara hosted this years’ ceremony along with Josh Groban, and while I wasn’t able to watch I hear they did a pretty good job. Although the bar is low – Kevin Spacey hosted in 2017! I like this, but (and I’m going to sound like my grandmother here…) I wish she’d put her hair up!

Uzo Aduba in Cristina Ottaviano

Embed from Getty Images

Lovely as always.

Kerry Washington in Versace

Embed from Getty Images

This is SOMETHING! Kerry has very interesting taste, but I often find her looks more miss than hit. I think I actually might like this however – I could definitely do without the side ab cutouts, but on the whole it’s kinda fun!

Carey Mulligan in Giambattista Valli

Embed from Getty Images

I just blamed Carey recently for always wearing neutrals, and I guess she really wants to prove me wrong. This MIGHT even be a little too much floral for me.

Kelli O’Hara in Bibhu Mohapatra

Embed from Getty Images

This is real bad. It’s like an ice dancing costume mated with a molting bird.

Cynthia Erivo in New York Vintage (1937)

Embed from Getty Images

This Black Widow of a dress dates to 1937, which is incredibly cool. I can’t imagine what it must feel like to wear something so delicate AND so old! It’s not my style really, but she looks great and it looks fun to twirl in!

Rachel Bloom in Ali Segel and Galia Lahav

Embed from Getty Images

Rachel’s shirt is an image of Stephen Sondheim smoking a joint. She commissioned it from the general public using Twitter – the designer is apparently Jason Segel’s sister, Ali! And for those of you that live at the weird intersection of Broadway and pot culture, you can buy it for yourself! The shirt is a delight, and the skirt is really unique, but sadly they don’t really belong together. I would have styled this with a simple black skirt, or a tuxedo style suit.

Ming Na Wen in Mark Zunino

Embed from Getty Images

Never a fan of the open sternum look – it’s like she’s preparing for very fancy open heart surgery.

Jenna Ushkowitz in Gucci

Embed from Getty Images

This is fine, but the fishtail braid feels a bit like what you would pick to compliment your Sweet 16 dress.

Christine Baranski in Alexandre Vauthier

Embed from Getty Images

Alexandre Vauthier is most recently the go-to for starlets like Bella and Gigi Hadid, so color me pretty damned surprised to see him on the always regal Christine Baranski. I love her sense of sartorial adventure, but this is a miss for me. The pants are just a terribly awkward length.

Laura Osnes in Christian Siriano

Embed from Getty Images

Eh…it’s a great color, but why did the bottom need to be sheer?

Melissa Benoist in Dior

Embed from Getty Images

Christ, this is dull. Dior is ugly a lot of the time, but it’s rarely boring, which makes this suck even harder.

Lilliana Vazquez in Sachin and Babi

Embed from Getty Images

I’m so tired of pointing out the myriad ways which sheerness ruins perfectly good looks…



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