Red Carpet: Cate’s Cannes Rewind

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I had big plans for May. I was going to cover the Met Gala, jump right into Cannes and the Royal Wedding, produce content on the TV upfronts and the amfAR Gala and the Billboard Music Awards…and you get the point. Let’s just say that time got away from me. I can’t catch up on everything, but I would be a sham of a fashion blogger if I didn’t cover Cate Blanchett’s mostly triumphant series of Cannes looks. For a recap of her past Cannes attire, check out this post, and spoiler alert, she didn’t wear any of my picks for 2018, but she came close!

Jury Photocall in Stella McCartney

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Cate kicked things off at the photocall is a Pepto Bismol pink pantsuit by Stella McCartney, a brand I don’t usually associate with her. Honestly, despite the color making me feel a little queasy, as Stella’s go this is really good. Cate almost never looks bad in a suit (keep an eye out for upcoming ‘Oceans 8’ coverage where she wore suites nearly 100% of the time).

‘Everybody Knows’ Premiere & Opening Gala in Armani Privé

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How thrifty! This gown was custom made for the 2014 Golden Globes and she wore it when she won for ‘Blue Jasmine’, and here it is again as her opening night look for Cannes four years later! I don’t know if she actually came out and said it was a statement on waste and environmentalism, but I love the idea of celebrities (much like Kate does) recycling looks!

‘Cold War’ Premiere in Mary Katrantzou

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YES. YES. YES. I could not possibly love this more. I am an enormous fan of Mary Katrantzou’s work and this “color by the numbers” gown is just spectacular. I am so glad that Cate didn’t just fall back on her “go-to” designers, instead giving some space to lesser known artists like Mary and Iris van Herpen (see below). This will absolutely be on my “Best of 2018” list.

‘Girls of the Sun’ Premiere in Armani Privé

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This is lovely, and is going to be a lot of people’s cup of tea – you can’t go wrong with a well done, basic black gown. But compared to some of her other looks, this is rather unmemorable.

‘Women in Motion’ Awards Dinner in Iris van Herpen

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Iris van Herpen’s work is not for everyone. It’s weird and skeletal and often made from strange materials using a 3D printer. Her looks are brilliant and sculptural and hard to pull off, but here Cate is, doing what she does best, and killing it in something mere mortals would never try. This is similar to the Iris van Herpen look Cara Delevingne wore that made my “Best of 2017” list, but the electric blue takes it to a whole other level.

Trophée Chopard Photocall in Armani Privé

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Another simple and lovely look from Armani. The necklace is clearly the star here.

‘BlacKkKlansman’ Premiere in Givenchy

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Sigh. I adore this dress so very much. It was on my Oscar’s wish list for Andra Day, and I almost put it on my list for Cate, but couldn’t imagine anyone wearing a turtleneck in Cannes! Honestly, as seasonally inappropriate as it may have been, I am thrilled she wore it. This gown is such a treat.

‘Capharnaum’ Premiere in Givenchy

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From the very best of Givenchy to the very worst of Givenchy in 24 hours flat. I hate this drab jumble of widow’s veils tacked onto a pantsuit almost as much as I love her first Givenchy look.

Closing Ceremony & ‘The Man Who Killed Don Quixote’ Premiere in Alexander McQueen

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Of course there had to be at least one look from Alexander McQueen. This is custom and let’s just say I wish she’d ended on a higher note. The bones of the tuxedo dress are great, but I just want to snip away that giant Christmas tree ribbon.



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