Red Carpet: The Worst Looks from the SAG Awards

OK everyone, get your worst out of your system before the Oscars….

Emily Blunt in Michael Kors

Embed from Getty Images

No one will convince me this isn’t a sartorial rendering of a vulva.

Amy Adams in Celine

Embed from Getty Images

The over-sized ’80’s scrunchie serving as a top here kills this for me.

Emma Stone in Louis Vuitton

Embed from Getty Images

We all predicted this, but Emma’s partnership with Louis Vuitton is not as well as planned. This is pretty half-assed for a major awards show – literally, she’s missing half her blouse.

Yara Shahidi in Fendi

Embed from Getty Images

Oh girl, NO! Leggings and a sheer, putty colored overlay do not an outfit make. She’s young and is willing to try a lot stylistically – this one just happened to be a major dud.

Madeline Brewer in Brock Collection

Embed from Getty Images

Brock Collection strikes again. This is more tacky prom than awards show red carpet.

Chrissy Metz in John Paul Ataker

Embed from Getty Images

Chrissy usually makes very smart red carpet choices – she works with a broad range of designers to showcase flattering looks for women of non-traditional sizes. However, I find this really unflattering and dated.

Lupita Nyong’o in Vera Wang

Embed from Getty Images

Oh man, this sucks so hard. Especially given her phenomenal back catalog of looks. What was Vera going for here – deconstructed tux and chain mail chic?

Kate Nash in Manish Arora

Embed from Getty Images

Apparently Kate Nash, who’s music I really enjoy, is part of the “Glow” ensemble, which explains why she was there. It also explains her extremely twee, oh so ’80’s vibe. It is…extra.

Alison Brie in Miu Miu

Embed from Getty Images

I actually love this from the back. But from the front it’s giving me major bat vibes.

Lucy Boynton in Erdem

Embed from Getty Images

Let’s get that drab, dotted black overlay off and I think we may have something worth working with.


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