Royals: Meghan and Harry’s January Outings


Photo courtesy of @KensingtonRoyal

Awards Season is a real bitch. And then the royals have to go and leave the house. Not to mention, I am completely ignoring Paris Fashion Week at the moment! Don’t bring out your tiny violins for my just yet, I’m holding my own – although dreadfully behind on the comings and goings of Meghan and Harry. Consider this your official January update on these crazy kids.

Their second join engagement was January 9th with a visit to the radio studios of studios of Reprezent 107.3 FM in Brixton, London. “Founded in 2008, Reprezent started as a month-long broadcast focusing on raising awareness around gun and knife crime. It has since evolved into a full-blown FM station with an emphasis on new music and emerging talents” according to NBC News.

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She’s wearing a coat by Canadian brand Smythe with a simple black top and pants underneath. The big story was her hair because honestly…it’s messy. It just is. And i;m not sure why.

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We all know Meghan has great hair, so this feels like a very calculated “look at me, I’m just like the rest of you” PR move. Which isn’t particularly necessary. We already know she’s a commoner and a lot has been made about her background and upbringing and how she comes from a very different world than the typical royal partner. And personally, I like my royals a little idealized. I want their hair to be a little shinier than mine, and their clothes to be a whole lot fancier, and their exploits thrice as glamorous. It’s what makes all this fun.

Meghan M.jpeg

Photo courtesy of @KensingtonRoyal

For third joint outing, and second of 2018, they visited Cardiff, Wales on January 18th. They started the day at Cardiff Castle where they heard “performances from musicians and poets, met leading sportsmen and women, and saw how organisations are working to promote the Welsh language and cultural identity” according to The Telegraph. They also visited the Star Hub community center which works to engage young people, an organization called StreetGames which works to make sports accessible to all, and met with members of the UsGirls project which encourages girls to participate in sports.

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And AGAIN with the messy, gym hair! It’s definitely a conscious choice she’s making and from what I’ve read, it’s not going over well.

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The coat is Stella McCartney and it’s gorgeous. The bag is DeMellier and a very similar shape to the Chloe bag she used at the Sandringham Christmas outing. The company apparently donates part of it’s proceeds to fund healthcare in Africa, which is right up Meg’s alley. The jeans are a Welsh brand and it’s always a good move to wear something that’s a nod to your venue. Underneath she was wearing an off the shoulder Theory top, which though it’s on sale (!) it’s also out of stock (boo).

So far a good showing for her first two real work events. She’s shown a tendency towards pants and messy hair, so I look forward to hopefully seeing her try her hand at cocktail wear and an updo next month!


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