Red Carpet: Worst Looks of the Week

And now, the best of the worst! Steel yourselves…

Chloe Sevigny in Simone Rocha

Embed from Getty Images

I literally laughed out loud when I saw this. Chloe is infamous for her quirky (read: insane) tastes, so of course she would wear an enormous glorified pillowcase.

Malin Ackerman in Johanna Ortiz

Embed from Getty Images

We saw a polka-dotted version of this on Keri Russell recently, and she carried it off much better. I can’t quit put my finger on why I loved this on Keri and hate it on Malin…it somehow manages to be less interesting and more tacky at the same time.

Alexandra Daddario in Zac Posen

Embed from Getty Images

Oy vey. Poor Alexandra is so gorgeous but she never gets it right. The makeup is still all wrong – instead of clownish and “slightly mad”, she’s veered towards “consumptive orphan”. And the dress looks like a terrifying lizard-woman exoskeleton she’s slowly shedding.

Marion Cotillard in Isabel Marant and Off-White x Jimmy Choo


I used to frequently bemoan Marion’s contract with Dior – she got better looks from them than J. Law ever did, but it got very repetitive. Well, she’s off the Dior leash now….and boy is she experimenting. This is SO much look. Her boots are covered in their own translucent raincoats, for gods sake. I’m glad she’s branching out, but this feels like Hailey Baldwin cosplay.


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