Oscars 2018: Mixed Results for Ladies in Blue

From the highs of Jennifer and Nicole’s royal blues to the lows of whatever the hell awful color Emily Blunt was wearing…

Nicole Kidman in Armani Privé

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I keep going back and forth on this one. I adore the color and the unique texture. And the bow is basically something only Nicole could pull off. But the “rabbit ears” bust throws me. If it were a bit less Jessica Rabbit I think I would be 100% on board. As it stands…I’m at 92%.

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Oscars 2018: Pretty in Pink (and Purple)

From dusty rose to Barbie pink…

Viola Davis in Michael Kors

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This is the loudest of the bunch and very in line with what she usually wears. Usually I love her bold ,colorful style, but this color is a tad too harsh and when she walked, you could tell she wasn’t comfortable in it.

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Oscars 2018: The Nominees

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A nominee group hug…

Last nights Oscars were…fine. The show and the red carpet. There were few surprises and even fewer wow” moments. People looked reliably good, particularly the nominees, but there weren’t any looks that blew me away. Maybe that’s what I get for trying to play fashion God

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Fantasy Oscars Stylist: The Nominees

Oscars Nominees

I am beyond excited to share this post with you all. After weeks of scrolling though the latest collections from New York to London, to Paris, to Milan, I finally made my picks for what each Oscars nominee should wear to this weekends ceremony! It’s not a scientific process, but I would say these are 1) all things I like, 2) mostly things I think these ladies might actually pick, and 3) chosen with a soupçon of wishful styling thrown in!

I did set myself some parameters: I could only choose from collections that debuted in 2018. Without parameters, I had dark visions of myself combing through archival images of Chanel shows from 1962 for vintage gems. And that’s a bit much. If there was any information about who they usually wear/might be wearing/have a contract with, I tried to factor that in. One disclaimer: there are still collections debuting through Oscars weekend at Paris Fashion Week, which I won’t be able to see until after the show – but celebrities could and likely will grab things from yet-to-be-debuted lines. And, of course, there’s no way to guess who will go with custom creations, but likely quite a few folks.

That all being said, if any of these actually show up on the red carpet on Sunday, I will proclaim myself a genius, buy a new pair of shoes, and treat myself to an entire cheesecake. Not necessarily in that order.

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Red Carpet: A Wrinkle in Time Premiere

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I remembered loving these books as a kid so I recently decided to pick up “A Wrinkle in Time” and re-read it before the movie comes out. It’s a funny little book, it somehow manages to feel dated yet very current at the same time. The language is simultaneously beautiful (and way more advanced than I remember) and old-fashioned (“Golly” seems to be the exclamation of choice). However, the essential elements of the importance of family, individuality, and intellectual independence remained just as relevant to a 29-year-old in 2018 as they were to a 10-year-old in 1998.

I’m cautiously excited about the movie. The cast is stacked and Ava is a visionary director, but the few reviews that have trickled out so far have been mixed. It’s not terribly surprising though – I kept thinking while re-reading that it feels rather un-filmable. Either way, the diversity woven into this film is wonderful, the premiere brought out some mega-watt celebrities, and most of then looked fabulous!

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Red Carpet: 2018 BRIT Awards

Brits at the BRIT awards switched it up and carried white roses in honor of the #TimesUp movement.

Millie Bobby Brown in Rodarte

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This is excellently done. It’s a slightly different version of the dress Kirsten Dunst wore to the “Woodshock” premiere. I love how delicately feminine it is. When Rodarte reigns in their crazier instincts, they produce really beautiful work.

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