Golden Globes 2019: The Movie Stars

Well, it’s been a while! After a (somewhat) brief hiatus to win some political campaigns, we’re back for awards season!

As always, we’re kicking things off with the Golden Globes, the drunk uncle of award shows. The telecast was booze-fueled, scattershot, and sometimes uncomfortable – but unfortunately for those of us who revel in fashion extremes, it was a pretty tame and put together red carpet. Last year, the Globes red carpet was shrouded in black to draw attention to #TimesUp, so I was excited to see a return to some color and drama.

Lady Gaga in custom Valentino

Embed from Getty Images

Lady Gaga was supposed to be the woman of the night, but ended up largely snubbed, along with the rest of “A Star is Born”. Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga’s 4th (!) adaptation of the classic film only received one award for Best Song, which was basically a given. I don’t necessarily think that Gaga went big on the red carpet because she thought she was going to win (although she wouldn’t have been wrong for thinking that), I just think her default is “big”. She kicked off her promo tour for “A Star is Born” in at the Venice Film Festival in a phenomenal, feathered Valentino, so I was thrilled to see her put her trust in Pierpaolo Piccioli again. I think the execution here is somewhat less successful – it’s the rare dress that might actually be overwhelming on her, and the bodice clearly has some fit issues. But I  do appreciate the commitment to the “ice queen” look from hair, to jewels, to giant, giant sleeves.

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Emmys 2018: Red Carpet Closeout

Time to (belatedly of course…) finish up our coverage of the 2018 Emmys!

Mandy Moore in custom Rodarte

Embed from Getty Images

Ugh, Rodarte. This is so much better than most of what they throw down the runway, but I’m still not on board. I find this ridiculously unflattering around her stomach for something that was custom.

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Emmys 2018: Funny Ladies Fare Just OK

I almost universally love these ladies, but find myself largely underwhelmed by their Emmys looks.

Tiffany Haddish in custom Prabal Gurung

Embed from Getty Images

Tiffany’s energy is positively infectious. She said on the red carpet that her custom gown was inspired by the Eritrean flag and it’s totally perfect on her.

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Emmys 2018: Christians Siriano and Dior

Overall, I think Siriano fared better in the battle of the Christians….

Dakota Fanning in Christian Dior

Embed from Getty Images

Although, Dakota here is the exception – this is gorgeous and the exact gown I had picked for Elisabeth Moss to wear! While Moss dissapointed in Vera Wang, I’m thrilled that Dakota was able to snag this gorgeous gown.

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2018 Emmys: The Nominees

I feel like I say this every time, but the Emmys this year were pretty….meh. The ceremony felt uninspired, few of the looks truly wowed me, and “The Americans” loosing in its last season to “Game of Thrones” stung REAL hard. Anyway, let’s get started with the nominees, none of whom wore what I had picked for them, but a few came pretty damn close!

Jessica Biel in Ralph and Russo

Embed from Getty Images

This is possibly the best Jessica Biel has ever looked. I don’t usually love white on the red carpet – it can read too matrimonial – but this is spectacular.

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Fantasy Emmys Stylist – 2018

Copy of Oscar Presenters etc.jpg

Last year, I renounced the Emmy’s due to their complete snubbing of the single greatest TV show ever: The Leftovers. It had everything – tiger sex orgies, mute death cults, Mark Linn Baker, and of course, Justin Theroux’s abs. And yet, the Emmy’s ignored it.

However, I would be remiss If I didn’t re-launch Fashion Wonk for the annual celebration of Peak TV. I took the summer off from blogging while I moved in with my boyfriend, got a promotion, and worked like mad. I’m going to try to keep it updated more, but unfortunately awards season and campaign season coincide…so check back with me in 50 days or so!

Anyway – here are my picks for what some of the nominees should wear to this years Emmy’s! I pulled looks from Fall 2018 Couture collections and the recently finished/currently running New York and London Fashion Weeks.

Photo credit: Vogue

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Red Carpet: MTV Movie Awards 2018

As always with the MTV Movie Awards, it’s a mixed bag…

Zendaya in August Getty Atelier

Embed from Getty Images

Let’s start with the home run. Zendaya is somehow pulling off this Hershey’s kiss shaped brown leather dress in JUNE. She truly is magic. Pretty sure you’ll be seeing this on my “Best of 2018” list.

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