Golden Globes 2019: The After Parties

Let’s close out the 2019 Golden Globes by taking a look at who wore what to the after parties. Some folks changed after the ceremony – sometimes for the better, and sometimes for the MUCH worse.

Penelope Cruz in Ralph Lauren

Embed from Getty Images

Will I remember this dress tomorrow? No. Is it better than 90% of what she wears courtesy of Chanel? Yes.

Emily Blunt in Alexander McQueen

Embed from Getty Images

This was Emily’s second McQueen of the night and I wish she hadn’t changed. Her red carpet dress didn’t have a long train and wasn’t overly froofy – she could have stuck with it. But instead she changed into this weakly ruffled nightgown.

Claire Foy in Balmain

Embed from Getty Images

If you had told me I would prefer a Balmain pantsuit over a marigold gown with sequined accents….I would have told you you were crazy.  But this is SO far superior over her ill-fitting Miu Miu from the ceremony. Maybe I just like Claire Foy better in pants?

Kaley Cuoco in Monique Lhuillier

Embed from Getty Images

Ack. I wish she hadn’t changed. Her Lhuillier from the ceremony was much better.

Janet Mock in Reem Acra

Embed from Getty Images

I love the cape and the color, but I wish it didn’t have a weird faux bra sculpted into it.

Camilla Belle in Carolina Herrera

Embed from Getty Images

Lovely, but a bit better suited to a daytime photocall than a late-night party, no?

Sandra Oh in G. Label

Embed from Getty Images

Apparently G. Label is Gwyneth Paltrow’s personally cultivated line sold by GOOP. Which is a ridiculous sentence. However, even a stopped clock is right twice a day, and Sandra actually looks fabulously chic in this. Despite it’s GOOP-ness, if you simply must have this ensemble, you can find it here.

Emmy Rossum in J. Mendel

Embed from Getty Images

Sexy! Emmy doesn’t use a stylist yet always looks reliably great. Brava!

Tika Sumpter in Zac Posen

Embed from Getty Images

I love this! The floral border is fun and I love that she picked up the green in the pattern with her accessories.

Christina Ricci in Galvan

Embed from Getty Images

Galvan had a really good night! In addition to Lucy Boynton and Phoebe-Waller Bridge’s looks, they snuck this fabulous velvet dress into the after parties. I love that she’s wearing tights with it – it adds a fun, vintage feel.

Constance Wu in custom Vera Wang

Embed from Getty Images

Designers: please stop getting tired of applying glitter halfway through! Give us all the glitter! There’s no such thing as too much glitter!

Heidi Klum in Paolo Sebastian

Embed from Getty Images

Oh good lord. Exhibit A for “should not have changed for the after parties”. This is…barely holding her together.

Gemma Chan in Miu Miu 

Embed from Getty Images

Gemma’s first look of the night had quite the skirt, so I’m not surprised she changed. I am surprised by how much I like this hot pink Miu Miu! It’s fun and kicky and didn’t require Miu Miu to construct a real bodice, at which they are clearly inept.

Storm Reid in Ermanno Scervino

Embed from Getty Images

This works way better on her than it has any right to. It’s essentially a deconstructed orange loofah, but she’s working it.

Tiffany Haddish in Michael Kors

Embed from Getty Images

She is an absolute treasure. I love how much fun she has with fashion.

Sarah Hyland in J. Mendel

Embed from Getty Images

This is a little “Real Housewives of Somewhere” for me.

Laverne Cox in Hamel

Embed from Getty Images


Jaime King in Toni Maticevski

Embed from Getty Images

I love this pattern, but the construction is a little necessarily fussy.

Kate Beckinsale in Aadnevik

Embed from Getty Images

Kate is stunning and HILARIOUS on Instagram and seems generally awesome. So basically. she doesn’t need to try this hard.

Jackie Cruz in Viktor Luna

Embed from Getty Images

Jackie herself referred to this on Instagram as “down comforter chic”. Yup.

Rowan Blanchard in Marc Jacobs

Embed from Getty Images

Rowan also summed up her look well on Instagram, calling it a loofah. At least she can call them as she sees them!

Lea Michele in Alex Perry

Embed from Getty Images

Why is there a little plastic viewing window for her abs?

Lana Condor in Michael Cinco

Embed from Getty Images

Pass. Boring colors, unnecessary sheers. Michael Cinco’s work is usually more dramatic and interesting than this.

Regina King in Monique Lhuillier

Embed from Getty Images

Another win for Monique! She really outdid herself for the Globes.

KiKi Layne in Valentino

Embed from Getty Images

I hated KiKi’s first red carpet look, and I while I know this Valentino is patently ridiculous, I can’t help but liking it better. Maybe I’m just a sucker for glitter and seafoam green.

Sophia Bush in Alessandra Rich

Embed from Getty Images

This is delightfully dainty and the shoes are super.

Angela Sarafyan in Cushnie

Embed from Getty Images

I adore her hair but nothing she wears for the rest of her life will please me as much as her Siriano gown from last years’ Emmy’s.

Aja Naomi King in Alice and Olivia

Embed from Getty Images

This does NOT feel like Alice and Olivia to me. They’re usually less sloppy/sexy and more floral/twee.

Susan Kelechi Watson in Galia Lahav

Embed from Getty Images

Speaking of sloppy, what the hell is this? There’s “off the shoulder” and then there is “oh shit, wait, this is LITERALLY falling off of her shoulders”.

Malin Ackerman in Iris Serban

Embed from Getty Images

Ack. Just pick a sleeve and stick with it.

Jamie Chung in Nadya Dzyak

Embed from Getty Images

Honestly though, what the fuck is this?

Pom Klementieff in Miu Miu 

Embed from Getty Images

I would have sworn on my life that this was The Vampire’s Wife, the unmissable, everyone and their mother wore it, brand of 2018. I mean, copy cat much??

Debra Messing in Naeem Khan

Embed from Getty Images

Very sleek! She had a good night.

Bel Powley in Miu Miu

Embed from Getty Images

Wow, between Bel and Kate Mara, Miu Miu really committed to the drab nightie aesthetic.

Sonequa Martin Green in Zaid Affas

Embed from Getty Images

I saw somewhere that this was made out of something called “laminated wool”, which looks cool but also deeply uncomfortable.

Maye Musk in Sachin and Babi

Embed from Getty Images

Maye is a septuagenarian super model and also the mother of Elon Musk and she looks better than half the women half her age in this post.

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