The Critic’s Choice Awards: TV Nominees

The TV ladies were a bit of a mixed bag…

Jessica Biel in Oscar de la Renta 

Embed from Getty Images

I wish it were lined, but I’m actually way more into this than I thought I would be if you described it to me. But seriously – the collage-like elements are the most interesting thing here, and they would be much better highlighted if it were just lined in black. Historically, I haven’t been a fan of Biel’s taste, but the last few events she’s worn some interesting things.

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The Critic’s Choice Awards: Film Nominees

Awards season stops for no woman. Let’s dive straight into the TCA’s, which I am already a week behind in reporting on!

Saoirse Ronan in Michael Kors

Embed from Getty Images

It looks like her lady-bits are being sucked inwards. Not my favorite look. And the makeup is so discordant.

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Golden Globes: The After Parties, Part Deux

It’s interesting that mostly everyone stuck to the blackout dress code for the after parties, even if they didn’t attend the ceremony!

Julianne Hough in Jenny Packham

Embed from Getty Images

Julianne is a longtime supporter of Marchesa – the brand co-owned by Harvey Weinstein’s ex-wife, Georgina Chapman. That’s to say, I was very curious to see who she would wear. I do not believe in blaming the wife for the sins of the husband, but I do think that Marchesa will have to go through some serious re-branding or hibernation period before they re-emerge. Lacking Marchesa as an option, Julianne went with similarly romantic, if less froofy, Jenny Packham.

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Golden Globes: The After Parties

It’s always interesting to see who changes between the ceremony and the after party. Usually it’s ladies with long train, but sometimes it’s obviously a “have your cake and eat it too” situation where they couldn’t choose between two gowns. Let’s take a look at the ladies who changed:

Diane Kruger in Alexander McQueen

Embed from Getty Images

WHYYYYYYY????? This looks like what my kitten, Freya, does to rolls of toilet paper.

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Golden Globes: What Would Molly Wear?

Now that we’ve taken a look at what everyone wore to Sunday’s Golden Globes, I took a look through the collection from the last year to pick what I would have worn, like I did with the Emmy’s.

This was tougher than I thought. First of all, I wanted to choose a female designer, for the obvious reason that the blackout was partially a statement on the importance of amplifying female voices in Hollywood. Women are actually still in the minority when it comes to leading many of the top fashion houses. Also, aesthetically, I am almost pathologically attracted to bright colors and patterns, so sticking to black was definitely a challenge!

I narrowed it down to two, but simply couldn’t choose, and they’re different enough I decided to share both!

First up is this Reem Acra from her Resort 2018 collection:

Reem Acra

I like that I would look like a nicely gift wrapped “fuck you” to the patriarchy.

My second choice is a gown I have been obsessed with for a while now from Alberta Ferretti’s Fall 2017 Ready-to-Wear line:


I love that it adheres to the blackout, but as we know, I can resist neither a cape nor a whimsical, romantic, sparkle.

What would you wear? Comment with your red carpet choice!

Golden Globes: And Finally, The Movie Stars

Took a few liberties with this category…like, Mariah Carey counts because of “Glitter”, right!?

Dakota Johnson in Gucci

Embed from Getty Images

YES. FINALLY. This is the best she has looked within her partnership with Gucci. I mean, remember this? And this?

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Golden Globes: The Ladies of TV

Let’s take a look at how the women from my favorite medium fared.

Rachel Brosnahan in Vionnet

Embed from Getty Images

I haven’t watched “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” yet, but Rachel here just won for playing a Bryn Mawr graduate (my alma mater), and formerly starred on one of my favorite and most criminally under-watched shows “Manhattan”. All that is to say, watching her show is on my to-do list. I do wish she had picked a more interesting gown to celebrate her big win though. This is aggressively fine.

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Golden Globes: The Models

Not really sure why some of these folks are there…looking at you, Kendall.

Naomi Cambell in Jean Paul Gaultier

Embed from Getty Images

Flawless. There’s a reason she’s a Super.

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Golden Globes: Everyone Looks Pretty Good in Versace

Donatella brought her A-game to the Globes, perhaps thinking she may need some good press before the latest “American Crime Story” drops…


Embed from Getty Images

This is the best she has ever looked. Her figure looks amazing in this and it’s tailored with flawless precision. Her speech was great and obviously well received, but let’s all take a deep breath and remember that celebrities are not, and should not, be politicians. Oprah 2020 is an absurd distraction from the plethora of issues that need our attention right now.

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Golden Globes: Zuhair Murad Goes SHEER

I’ve been a big fan of Zuhair Murad’s work in past years, but lately he’s veered towards the very sheer. I think he interpreted the red carpet blackout as more of a skin-out.

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Embed from Getty Images

This is a lot of look and a lot of leg. Listen, we all know CZJ has some virgins blood stored in her fridge that’s helped her not age a day since the mid-90’s, but I have to say that all the sheer looked a tad bit crass when she was standing on stage next to her 101 year old Father in Law, Kirk Douglas. Absolutely stellar jewelry though, and honestly if this had been lined, it would have been a slam dunk.

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