Red Carpet: Star Wars Premieres

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This one time, I wore my hair in Princess Leia buns for a whole year.

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Red Carpet: The Evening Standard Theater Awards

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The Brits handed out some theater awards, Lin Manuel debuted a surprise, and everyone basically looked good!

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Red Carpet: Cate Blanchett’s Coolness

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Recently, my boyfriend asked me if there were any celebrities where my personal affection for them might cloud my judgement about what they’re wearing. The answer is “Uh, yeah…duh”. I don’t think I will ever like something a Kardashian wears, by virtue of them being a Kardashian. Just like my love for Diane Krueger makes me eager to forgive her sartorial sins.

Cate Blanchett has always been one of those celebrities in the latter category- her inherent coolness allows her to carry off things that lesser beings would get lost in.
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Red Carpet: Louis Vuitton Reinvents Sleeves

This was an event honoring Louis Vuitton and current head designer Nicholas Ghesquière. Unfortunately for Nick, the biggest takeaway was “WOW that’s ugly”…

Let’s take a deep breath and a palate cleansing look at Justin Theroux, because it’s all downhill from here…Goes without saying, everyone is wearing LV.

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Royals: Meghan’s First Day

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Today was Meghan Markle’s first official appearance alongside Prince Harry for the firm. By all measures, she handled it like a pro!

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Red Carpet: Gotham Awards 2017

Greta Gerwig in Gucci

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Greta has very intriguing taste, which can sometimes land on the wrong side of “kooky”. This is just right though- interesting, but lovely. I haven’t seen Lady Bird yet, but hope to before awards season is fully underway and it starts snagging prizes left and right.

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Red Carpet: Anna Camp in Luisa Beccaria

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Sometimes it’s nice to just look at something very pretty. This is very, VERY pretty. Brava, Anna!

Royals: Kate Middleton Leaves The House

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This is the Kate Uniform. Just, the most Kate-iest outfit. She has been wearing those same Penelope Chilvers boots since she first met William, and the Barbour jacket is a classic. She was visiting the Robin Hood Primary school to celebrate their work with the Royal Horticultural Society.

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