Golden Globes: The Ladies of TV

Let’s take a look at how the women from my favorite medium fared.

Rachel Brosnahan in Vionnet

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I haven’t watched “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” yet, but Rachel here just won for playing a Bryn Mawr graduate (my alma mater), and formerly starred on one of my favorite and most criminally under-watched shows “Manhattan”. All that is to say, watching her show is on my to-do list. I do wish she had picked a more interesting gown to celebrate her big win though. This is aggressively fine.

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Golden Globes: The Models

Not really sure why some of these folks are there…looking at you, Kendall.

Naomi Cambell in Jean Paul Gaultier

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Flawless. There’s a reason she’s a Super.

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Golden Globes: Everyone Looks Pretty Good in Versace

Donatella brought her A-game to the Globes, perhaps thinking she may need some good press before the latest “American Crime Story” drops…


Embed from Getty Images

This is the best she has ever looked. Her figure looks amazing in this and it’s tailored with flawless precision. Her speech was great and obviously well received, but let’s all take a deep breath and remember that celebrities are not, and should not, be politicians. Oprah 2020 is an absurd distraction from the plethora of issues that need our attention right now.

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Golden Globes: Zuhair Murad Goes SHEER

I’ve been a big fan of Zuhair Murad’s work in past years, but lately he’s veered towards the very sheer. I think he interpreted the red carpet blackout as more of a skin-out.

Catherine Zeta-Jones

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This is a lot of look and a lot of leg. Listen, we all know CZJ has some virgins blood stored in her fridge that’s helped her not age a day since the mid-90’s, but I have to say that all the sheer looked a tad bit crass when she was standing on stage next to her 101 year old Father in Law, Kirk Douglas. Absolutely stellar jewelry though, and honestly if this had been lined, it would have been a slam dunk.

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Golden Globes: The Three Musketeers of Louis Vuitton

Longtime Louis Vuitton devotees Michelle Williams and Alicia Vikander, and brand new sacrificial lamb Emma Stone, all donned surprisingly decent gowns from the house lately known for a wildly erratic use of sleeves. As a bonus, Michelle and Emma both brought feminist activists with them to the red carpet – Michelle with Tarana Burke, the founder of the #MeToo movement, and Emma with Billie Jean King, the tennis superstar she portrays in “Battle of the Sexes”.

Michelle Williams

Embed from Getty Images

She looks fine in this, and it’s certainly the least weirdly sleeved garment they’ve put together lately. She usually fares better than most faces of Vuitton, but this time I like hers the least.

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Golden Globes: Kruger Wins the Battle of the Prada’s

There were three looks from Miuccia Prada on the red carpet last night, but for me there was only one winner.

Diane Kruger in Prada

Embed from Getty Images

This is spectacular. Diane is one of my favorite actors and she’s never boring on the red carpet. She gets it wrong about as much as she gets it right, but when it’s right it’s so, so very right. She and Prada tend to work well together and she manages to get better stuff out of Miuccia than a lot of her regulars. This collaboration is one for the books – hands down my best dressed of the evening and one I will remember for Best of 2018 twelve months from now.

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Golden Globes: Dior Restrains Themselves

The erstwhile house of Dior managed to produce a solid roster of gowns this time around, all the more shocking since in 2017 they created my most hated dress.

Jessica Biel

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I am on the record as not liking Biel, although her self-deprecating turn as herself on this season of Bojack Horseman made me consider that she may not be as icy as she seems. As a strong supporter of whimsy, I love this celestial gown. My favorite Dior of the evening.

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Golden Globes: Big Little Women

Embed from Getty Images

“Big Little Lies” was the big TV winner tonight and the cast looked universally great picking up their trophies.

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Golden Globes: Women Wear the Pants

Quite a few women took the red carpet blackout one step further and into the realm of menswear. I love a well executed suit on a woman, especially in a year when there’s a cultural discourse around the need for more women to step into traditionally male dominated spheres.

Claire Foy in Stella McCartney

Embed from Getty Images

Well, I’ll be damned if this isn’t one of the best things Stella has turned out in a while. I love how Claire went polar opposite from her aesthetic on “The Crown”. This look is slouchy but killer, and very well styled.

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Golden Globes: Pops of Color

The rumors of a red carpet “blackout” to protest sexual harassment in Hollywood were true and every single star this evening turned out in every single black dress stylists could find.

This red carpet is an interesting and tricky one to cover. Some people might say that focusing on clothes right now is superficial given the much more impactful conversations happening right now around #MeToo, #TimesUp, and the need for more powerful and respected women across all industries. Some might say that it’s sexist to focus on how women look, now of all times. But if I agreed with that, then I guess I wouldn’t have a fashion blog.

I don’t think I can say it better than my hero’s from Go Fug Yourself who discussed the particular challenges of covering this event, saying:

“The idea that being interested in clothing is somehow anti-woman is absurd to me. Men are allowed to be interested in all kinds of things which are patently unserious without it becoming a debate on whether or not their hobby is letting down their gender; fashion is an art form, and the red carpet is often where it gets the greatest amount of exposure to the masses. It is not a personal or intellectual weakness to like clothes and be interested in them….The wardrobe for a red-carpet event is given a great deal of thought by stylists and managers and the actors themselves — and to assume that all of those people are operating from a perspective where objectification is the primarily goal is inaccurate, in my opinion.”

With that out of the way, let’s dive into the potentially shallow waters of red carpet fashion and take a look at how stars and their stylists took the blackout and ran with it.

Thankfully, a few folks added dashes of color to their black, which helped make the parade of gowns a little less monotonous.

Allison Williams in Armani Privé

Embed from Getty Images

I love this dress. She took the sartorial guidelines, but made it interesting, vibrant, and her own. The texture of the beading is so beautiful and the orange brings some joy to the red carpet.

Mandy Moore in Rosie Assoulin

Embed from Getty Images

This is less effective for me, but her lipstick and earring game is on point. The silhouette is nice, but the fabric and construction looks sloppy and takes this look down a notch for me.