Fantasy Oscars Stylist 2019: Best Actress Nominees

Best Actress.png

It’s time for my absolute favorite post of the year: Molly plays “Fantasy Oscars Stylist”! After an exhaustive look through the couture and ready to wear collections from 2018 and 2019, I feel prepared to style this years “Best Actress” nominees. This was no easy task – from a first time nominee and red carpet newcomer, to a woman who once wore a dress made out of meat, these five women really run the sartorial gamut. Read on for my completely subjective, yet utterly flawless, picks for tomorrow’s red carpet – and stay tuned for a rundown of the “Best Supporting Actress” nominees and the myriad of presenters!

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Grammys 2019: Red Carpet Roundup

And finally, let’s wrap up the Grammys so we can shift to our Oscars coverage before this weekend!

Michelle Obama in Sachin and Babi

Embed from Getty Images

How goddamn cool is our former FLOTUS? LORD, I MISS THE OBAMAS.

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BAFTAs 2019: Red Carpet Roundup

It’s only a week and a half late, so let’s finish up the BAFTAs!

Amy Adams in Prada

Embed from Getty Images

I love a redhead in red. But the construction here, like with many of Miuccia Prada’s creations, feels sloppy. Scroll to the right and take a look at the belt – why is it so long!? Why was the solution to tuck it in like the rope belt on the cargo shorts of a frat boy?

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Grammys 2019: Pinks and Reds

Featuring a giant fashion clam and a dangerously unsecured boob fan…

Cardi B in vintage Mugler Haute Couture

Embed from Getty Images

Cardi B! I don’t even know where to begin! How about with her history making win as the first solo female rapper to take home the prize for best rap album. Or her delightfully giddy and sweet acceptance speech. Or her killer performance. But for me, it begins and ends with this enormous (literally and metaphorically) statement piece from Mugler’s 1995 collection. Apparently it hasn’t been worn since it debuted in the mid-90’s and with Lady Gaga sticking to her new, more traditional Oscar nominee wardrobe, I can’t think of anyone better to pull off an utterly delightful, completely bonkers look like this.

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BAFTAs 2019: Duchess Kate and the Black and White Brigade

There was a ton of black and white on the BAFTAs red carpet last Sunday, including the Duchess of Cambridge who attended with William.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge in Alexander McQueen

Embed from Getty Images

This is a very Hollywood moment for Kate – she usually pulls out all the stops for her annual appearance at the BAFTAs. This custom McQueen creation is lovely and while I usually don’t gravitate towards white on the red carpet (too bridal) this feels so far aesthetically removed from her unforgettable bridal look that it doesn’t invite the comparison.

She also picked some killer jewels for the occasion. She’s wearing the Queen’s diamond bracelet and the late Princess Diana’s pearl and diamond earrings. And I am delighted to report that her Jimmy Choo pumps are fabulously glittery!

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Grammys 2019: Black and White on the Red Carpet

I just got back from a week-long work training in Seattle, so I am all discombobulated and exhausted and WAY behind on posts, but I’m going to try and bang these remaining Grammys and BAFTAs posts out before we move into Oscars coverage!

Jennifer Lopez in Ralph and Russo

Embed from Getty Images

The erstwhile J. Lo garnered a significant bit of controversy before ever walking down the red carpet when she signed on to preform a tribute to Motown because obviously when you think Motown, you think….Jenny from the Block? Yeah. No.

I don’t mind the dress – I actually like it a lot more than her usual over the top, sexy with a capital “S” vibe. But it’s pulling across the front and the hat is just hilariously extra.

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BAFTAs 2019: Froofy and Feminine Rules the Red Carpet

All things feminine, froofy, and ruffled dominated the red carpet at the BAFTA’s in London last night. Some to better effect than others.

Margot Robbie in Chanel

Embed from Getty Images

This is just a whole lot of look from Chanel. Surprisingly, for an OTT Chanel, there are quite a few elements I like here – the body of the dress is beautifully done, and I like the contrast with the royal blue tulle. I would have removed the armpit tulle to streamline this look.

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Red Carpet: Closing out the SAG Awards

The rest of the SAG Awards red carpet was largely forgettable….

Lady Gaga in Dior

Embed from Getty Images

This is a shockingly simple turn from the woman who once arrived on a red carpet in an egg.

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Red Carpet: The Worst Looks from the SAG Awards

OK everyone, get your worst out of your system before the Oscars….

Emily Blunt in Michael Kors

Embed from Getty Images

No one will convince me this isn’t a sartorial rendering of a vulva.

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Red Carpet: The Best Looks from the SAG Awards

The SAG’s were pretty evenly divided between stars that looked great, stars that looks meh, and stars that looked….not great. Let’s take a look at the folks who killed it.

Rachel Weisz in Givenchy

Embed from Getty Images

This Givenchy is one of my favorite things Rachel has worn and a high from Clare Waight Keller’s recent collection. I almost wish she’d saved it for the Oscars – it was actually on my shortlist (which has become QUITE the long list) of prospective looks for my Oscars Fantasy Stylist post. Let’s hope Rachel keeps it up for the rest of awards season.

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