Red Carpet: 2018 Tony Awards Attendees

Let’s close out the Tony’s with a slew of guests and presenters, including Anna Wintour herself, the self-proclaimed sartorial magician of the Tony’s.

Bee Shaffer in Alexander McQueen and Anna Wintour in Prada

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A few years back, many of you will remember that Anna made it her personal mission to re-vamp the Tony’s red carpet. She had previously called it a style “disaster”, and I think it’s safe to say that a few years into her tenure as official sartorial master of ceremonies, things have vastly improved. Bee looks lovely, and although this isn’t my favorite McQueen of late, it did make my shortlist for Cannes suggestions for Cate Blanchett. Anna’s neon yellow beaded Prada is phenomenal and one of my favorite looks of the night.

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Red Carpet: 2018 Tony Award Nominees

Everyone really turned it out for the Tony’s this year! There were a few duds, but nothing heinous and most folks looked fab! Let’s dive into our nominees, but first let me just take a moment to acknowledge how AWESOME the Tony’s step and repeat is every year. Thank you, Anna Wintour!

Tina Fey in Thom Browne

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If you gave me a million guesses, I never would have pegged this for Thom Browne. It’s an absolute showstopper. The fact that this is by the same person responsible for this nipple-tastic ode to sailing demonstrates true range.

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Royal Wedding: Arrivals, Part 1

Cheers all! I’m up bright and early at 5 AM ET for the Royal Wedding Festivities and we currently have the celebrity guests arriving! I am a little surprised by some of the attendees – a few folks I didn’t expect!

Victoria Beckham in Victoria Beckham

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Posh here is wearing her own design, looking lovely, and has gone two for two on royal weddings now!

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Red Carpet: Closing Out the Met Gala

And just like that (after a week and a half of very hard work…) another Met Gala has come and gone. Let’s close this thing out, move on to Cannes (and the Royal Wedding!!!), and actually go see the “Heavenly Bodies” exhibit!

Lena Waithe in Carolina Herrera

Embed from Getty Images

This is a fucking triumph. First of all, the iteration of the LGBT flag used by Waithe and Herrera here is straight out of Philly! To quote The Philadelphia Inquirer: “The rainbow cape that queer black actress Lena Waithe wore Monday to the Met Gala in New York included black and brown stripes, mirroring the pride flag in Philadelphia, which last year became the first city to add black and brown stripes atop its pride flag to represent LGBT people of color”. Second of all, this is such a beautiful and subversive statement. The cape itself is stunning, but it’s also a commentary on the Church’s legacy of discrimination against queer communities. It not only adheres to the theme, but it takes it a step further – making a powerful statement about the Church’s past and future. I would never have thought of Lena and Carolina as potent partners in fashion, but the work they did here together is brilliant and moving.

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Red Carpet: Models at the Met Gala

The models were a mixed bag at the Met Gala this year – some real highs from unexpected candidates (looking at you Hadid’s) and some expected lows from repeat offenders (Jenner’s…you know who you are).

Bella Hadid in Chrome Hearts Official x Gareth Pugh

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Like I said when I covered Gigi’s gorgeous stained glass inspired Versace gown, I was very impressed with both of the Hadid sisters this year. If Gigi was delicate, heavenly stained glass, then Bella is definitely a somewhat sinful nun. She looks about ready to break out of the convent to join a coven.

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Red Carpet: Prabal Gurung Debuts Bespoke Line at Met Gala

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Prabal Gurung has been hit and miss for me lately. He has created red carpet magic in the past, particularly with his frequent muse/collaborator Diane Kruger. These two looks are still two of my all time favorites on Diane. He’s also done incredible work with Issa Rae and Sarah Paulson.  But, he also did this. And this.

This year, he used the Met Gala to debut his bespoke atelier line. All of the designs worn by the eight women he dressed are now available for custom orders. Taken together, it becomes clear that he was much more focused on creating a collection with wide appeal and using the Met Gala as a great big advertisement, rather than designing to the theme.

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Red Carpet: H&M Does Surprisingly Well at the Met Gala

For years now, H&M and various other fast fashion designers (mainly Top Shop) have been making a play for red carpet prominence. The results have been…mixed. H&M has largely done better, with their popular “Conscious Collection” which exclusively uses sustainable materials, and their increasingly high-end collaborations with designers like Erdem, Moschino, and Balmain. However, often their work looks like it came from “high street” – it’s shoddily constructed, basic, and un-inventive. This year, H&M presented five looks at the Met Gala, and overall did better than they have in a long time.

Alex Wek

Embed from Getty Images

The back of this is gorgeous. The details are stunning and the construction is really good. I don’t love the front as much – that slit is DANGEROUSLY high. But overall, this gets an A from me.

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