Emmys 2018: Christians Siriano and Dior

Overall, I think Siriano fared better in the battle of the Christians….

Dakota Fanning in Christian Dior

Embed from Getty Images

Although, Dakota here is the exception – this is gorgeous and the exact gown I had picked for Elisabeth Moss to wear! While Moss dissapointed in Vera Wang, I’m thrilled that Dakota was able to snag this gorgeous gown.

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2018 Emmys: The Nominees

I feel like I say this every time, but the Emmys this year were pretty….meh. The ceremony felt uninspired, few of the looks truly wowed me, and “The Americans” loosing in its last season to “Game of Thrones” stung REAL hard. Anyway, let’s get started with the nominees, none of whom wore what I had picked for them, but a few came pretty damn close!

Jessica Biel in Ralph and Russo

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This is possibly the best Jessica Biel has ever looked. I don’t usually love white on the red carpet – it can read too matrimonial – but this is spectacular.

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Fantasy Emmys Stylist – 2018

Copy of Oscar Presenters etc.jpg

Last year, I renounced the Emmy’s due to their complete snubbing of the single greatest TV show ever: The Leftovers. It had everything – tiger sex orgies, mute death cults, Mark Linn Baker, and of course, Justin Theroux’s abs. And yet, the Emmy’s ignored it.

However, I would be remiss If I didn’t re-launch Fashion Wonk for the annual celebration of Peak TV. I took the summer off from blogging while I moved in with my boyfriend, got a promotion, and worked like mad. I’m going to try to keep it updated more, but unfortunately awards season and campaign season coincide…so check back with me in 50 days or so!

Anyway – here are my picks for what some of the nominees should wear to this years Emmy’s! I pulled looks from Fall 2018 Couture collections and the recently finished/currently running New York and London Fashion Weeks.

Photo credit: Vogue

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Red Carpet: MTV Movie Awards 2018

As always with the MTV Movie Awards, it’s a mixed bag…

Zendaya in August Getty Atelier

Embed from Getty Images

Let’s start with the home run. Zendaya is somehow pulling off this Hershey’s kiss shaped brown leather dress in JUNE. She truly is magic. Pretty sure you’ll be seeing this on my “Best of 2018” list.

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Red Carpet: Cate’s Cannes Rewind

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I had big plans for May. I was going to cover the Met Gala, jump right into Cannes and the Royal Wedding, produce content on the TV upfronts and the amfAR Gala and the Billboard Music Awards…and you get the point. Let’s just say that time got away from me. I can’t catch up on everything, but I would be a sham of a fashion blogger if I didn’t cover Cate Blanchett’s mostly triumphant series of Cannes looks. For a recap of her past Cannes attire, check out this post, and spoiler alert, she didn’t wear any of my picks for 2018, but she came close!

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Red Carpet: 2018 Tony Awards Attendees

Let’s close out the Tony’s with a slew of guests and presenters, including Anna Wintour herself, the self-proclaimed sartorial magician of the Tony’s.

Bee Shaffer in Alexander McQueen and Anna Wintour in Prada

Embed from Getty Images

A few years back, many of you will remember that Anna made it her personal mission to re-vamp the Tony’s red carpet. She had previously called it a style “disaster”, and I think it’s safe to say that a few years into her tenure as official sartorial master of ceremonies, things have vastly improved. Bee looks lovely, and although this isn’t my favorite McQueen of late, it did make my shortlist for Cannes suggestions for Cate Blanchett. Anna’s neon yellow beaded Prada is phenomenal and one of my favorite looks of the night.

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Red Carpet: 2018 Tony Award Nominees

Everyone really turned it out for the Tony’s this year! There were a few duds, but nothing heinous and most folks looked fab! Let’s dive into our nominees, but first let me just take a moment to acknowledge how AWESOME the Tony’s step and repeat is every year. Thank you, Anna Wintour!

Tina Fey in Thom Browne

Embed from Getty Images

If you gave me a million guesses, I never would have pegged this for Thom Browne. It’s an absolute showstopper. The fact that this is by the same person responsible for this nipple-tastic ode to sailing demonstrates true range.

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Royal Wedding: Arrivals, Part 1

Cheers all! I’m up bright and early at 5 AM ET for the Royal Wedding Festivities and we currently have the celebrity guests arriving! I am a little surprised by some of the attendees – a few folks I didn’t expect!

Victoria Beckham in Victoria Beckham

Embed from Getty Images

Posh here is wearing her own design, looking lovely, and has gone two for two on royal weddings now!

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Red Carpet: Closing Out the Met Gala

And just like that (after a week and a half of very hard work…) another Met Gala has come and gone. Let’s close this thing out, move on to Cannes (and the Royal Wedding!!!), and actually go see the “Heavenly Bodies” exhibit!

Lena Waithe in Carolina Herrera

Embed from Getty Images

This is a fucking triumph. First of all, the iteration of the LGBT flag used by Waithe and Herrera here is straight out of Philly! To quote The Philadelphia Inquirer: “The rainbow cape that queer black actress Lena Waithe wore Monday to the Met Gala in New York included black and brown stripes, mirroring the pride flag in Philadelphia, which last year became the first city to add black and brown stripes atop its pride flag to represent LGBT people of color”. Second of all, this is such a beautiful and subversive statement. The cape itself is stunning, but it’s also a commentary on the Church’s legacy of discrimination against queer communities. It not only adheres to the theme, but it takes it a step further – making a powerful statement about the Church’s past and future. I would never have thought of Lena and Carolina as potent partners in fashion, but the work they did here together is brilliant and moving.

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Red Carpet: Models at the Met Gala

The models were a mixed bag at the Met Gala this year – some real highs from unexpected candidates (looking at you Hadid’s) and some expected lows from repeat offenders (Jenner’s…you know who you are).

Bella Hadid in Chrome Hearts Official x Gareth Pugh

Embed from Getty Images

Like I said when I covered Gigi’s gorgeous stained glass inspired Versace gown, I was very impressed with both of the Hadid sisters this year. If Gigi was delicate, heavenly stained glass, then Bella is definitely a somewhat sinful nun. She looks about ready to break out of the convent to join a coven.

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