Red Carpet: ‘Westworld’ Premiere

I just finished watching last nights Westworld Season 2 premiere. It was just inscrutable and violent as last season – with a healthy dose of WTF. Let’s take a look at what folks wore to the premiere last week.

Evan Rachel Wood in Altuzarra

Embed from Getty Images

Evan opts for suiting 90% of the time, and with good reason – she wears it well. This isn’t my favorite color on anyone, but the pinstripes are good and the fit is impeccable.

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Red Carpet: ‘I Feel Pretty’ Premiere is Kind Of Pretty

“I Feel Pretty” received pretty mixed reviews, which is a bummer because I really like Amy Schumer. Granted I haven’t seen the movie, but as a supposed meditation on cultural attitudes towards beauty, it’s hard not to compare it to Schumer’s best work on the subject, “12 Angry Men Inside Amy Schumer”, which is fucking brilliant. I hope whatever project she picks next lives up to her talents and the level of insight she displayed on her own show.

Amy Schumer in Brandon Maxwell

Embed from Getty Images

The good news is that she looks great here! Amy tends to stick to the same bodycon silhouette, which mostly works for her. My nit to pick is that it gets a bit boring seeing her in the same type of dress over and over again, but the red and pink color combo here is delightful and the fit is flawless.

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Red Carpet: Everyone (Except Eva Longoria) Looks Good at her Walk of Fame Ceremony

Embed from Getty Images

Eva Longoria received her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and unfortunately everyone else look great except the woman of the hour.

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Red Carpet: Worst Looks of the Week

And now, the best of the worst! Steel yourselves…

Chloe Sevigny in Simone Rocha

Embed from Getty Images

I literally laughed out loud when I saw this. Chloe is infamous for her quirky (read: insane) tastes, so of course she would wear an enormous glorified pillowcase.

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Red Carpet: Best Looks of the Week

Things have been a little bit slow since we wrapped up awards season, so instead of a bunch of smaller posts, I decided to do a Best/Worst of the week round up. Here are my favorite looks from the past seven days – and check back tomorrow to see the best of the worst!

Lupita Nyong’o in Prada

Courtesy of @MicaelaErlanger

Lupita was unsurprisingly well attired for her stylist, Micaela Erlanger’s, book release. That disco ball purse is to die for! Micaela’s book is called “How to Accessorize”, so the pressure was on to kill it with the accessories. Micaela and Lupita’s partnership has produced some truly stupendous red carpet moments, they clearly work well together. However, I wish I liked Micaela and Diane’s looks as much as I like Lupita’s…

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Oscars After Parties 2018: Let’s Finish This Thing


Photo courtesy of @markselinger

Guys. This is it. This final post of awards season. It’s been a completely wild few months – from launching this thing soon after the Emmys, to closing out the busy season with the last two weeks of Oscars coverage. I’ve had a blast and want to thank each and every person who has stuck with me and kept reading!

And while awards season may be over, stay tuned for a lot of great stuff over the next few months. Next week we’ll be catching up with Will and Kate and Meghan and Harry who got up to all sorts of fun while I was busy blogging about awards season. Both Cannes and the Met Ball are coming up in May, as well as the terribly exciting Royal Wedding. So thanks for being here, and thanks for continuing to be here! xx

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Oscars After Parties 2018: The Musicians

A handful of musicians (or general music-film multihyphenates) attended the Vanity Fair and Elton John after parties.

Janelle Monáe in Christian Siriano

Embed from Getty Images

THIS. I’m in awe. This is absolutely sublime: it’s exceedingly HER, while also being completely different (re: a color) than what she usually wears. An excellent collaboration with flawless execution. And if you haven’t checked out the two new songs she dropped a few weeks ago, please check them out. They’re virtually impossible not to dance to.

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Oscars After Parties 2018: Models Being Models

Models did model things: expect much sheerness and shortness, some successes, and something that makes me suicidal with disgust. I have placed these in order from YES to DEAR GOD NO.

Naomi Campbell in Alexandre Vauthier

Embed from Getty Images

Bow down now, because it only goes downhill from here. As always, Naomi schools the kids.

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Oscars After Parties 2018: Costume Changes

A whole bunch of folks changed before they headed to the perennial Vanity Fair shindig. Some for the better…some, not so much.

Zendaya in Michael Kors

Embed from Getty Images

She is positively statuesque. Is there a Zendaya Barbie yet? If not, there should be, and she should wear this dress. I’m surprised at how much I like it – I don’t usually gravitate towards non-colors. It’s the Zendaya Effect: she can convince you of just about anything.

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Oscars 2018: Closing Out the Red Carpet

These posts took much longer than I anticipated – battling my third virus of the winter season took up a lot of quality blogging time. Many thanks to everyone reading for their patience! Here are the rest of the red carpet looks from last Sunday’s ceremony. Stay tuned for coverage of the after parties this week, as well as some posts catching up with Kate and Meghan across the pond.

Emma Stone in Louis Vuitton

Embed from Getty Images

I predicted Emma would go with something custom from Louis Vuitton – if only because everything that came down their runway was awful. I like this more than I thought I would although I wish the fit was a bit more carefully tailored.

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